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Sylvia Plath, Novelist, Poet, Artist

Last November and December The Mayor Gallery in London featured an exhibition of 44 drawings between – all by Sylvia Plath. The exhibition was successful and well-received, but many viewers did comment on the detachment of the images – given Plath’s struggles in life and tragic ending, one might expect an emotional intensity in the […]

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Top 10 Art Books – the Best Books of Art

For you budding artists, art majors, people interested in painting books or biographies of artists, or just collectors looking for something new and interesting – Michael Bracewell of The Guardian made a list of his top 10 indispensable visual art books. 1. The Painted Word by Tom Wolfe As contrary as it is hilarious, Wolfe’s […]

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A Wild Price for Sendak’s Classic: May’s Most Expensive Sales

May was an outstanding month for rare and expensive book sales on AbeBooks. As we all know, beloved children’s author Maurice Sendak passed away at age 83 on June 8th, so it was no surprise when sales for his more collectible books – first editions, signed copies, and the like – began rolling in. The […]

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Kate Greenaway’s Influence on Children’s Fashion

Victorian-era English illustrator Kate Greenaway drew children’s clothing with such care, imagination and detail that she inspired a line of clothing.

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Kraken Vs. Kraken! (Then and Now)

The image on the left is from an 1802 book called Histoire naturelle generale et particulière des Mollusques by Denys Montfort. The image on the right is one I came across today, from 2004, listed as original children’s book art by Tom Leonard, and called Mysterious Giant Squid. The Kraken hasn’t changed much in 202 […]

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The Art of Garth Williams

The art of Garth Williams, illustrator of Charlotte’s Web and much more.

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Everything Is Going To Be OK

Everything Is Going to Be Ok.

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Gonzo: A Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson

Hunter S. Thompson was often a dynamic, intense, crazed caricature on paper, but there’s much more to the story – some of that is now told in graphic biography form.

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Beautiful Antique Gardening Book: Vegetables, Fruits and More

Just so we’re clear – I do not have anywhere close to $1200 to spare to spend on a book (though…mortgage payments are so overrated). But if I did, I’d choose this one. I can’t stop looking at the images the bookseller included on the listing. The book is called The Instructive Picture Book; Or […]

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Howard Pyle: The Man Who Rewrote History

Howard Pyle was an American author and illustrator whose influences can be seen in Robin Hood, pirate tales both vintage and contemporary, and much more.

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