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Batman’s Joker Meets Dr. Seuss

More fantastic art from DrFaustusAU, the same artist who brought us the Dr. Seuss and Cthulhu mashup. This time, it’s Dr. Seuss and The Joker. Love it.

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R. Crumb on His Rejected New Yorker Cover

The ever-blunt illustrator R. Crumb talks about his art being rejected by The New Yorker.

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Berserk but Beautiful: Ralph Steadman’s Illustrations

Ralph Steadman is an English illustrator with a talent for caricature. His drawings have been called chaotic, frenetic and twisted. We call them weird and wonderful.

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Edward Lear: Not Just Nonsense, But Parrots

Edward Lear, famed master of nonsense and limericks, had another passion and talent – birds. Specifically, parrots. He published ‘Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae, or Parrots’ at the age of 20, nearly two centuries ago, and it is still considered one of the finest ornithological works ever created.

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Edward Gorey’s Newly Unearthed Illustrated Letters and Envelopes

New illustrations and letters by Edward Gorey are being unearthed by his friend Peter F. Neumeyer.

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The Collectible, Nonsensical Dr. Seuss

Collectors of scarce, rare and collectible Dr. Seuss have come to the right place. We’ve compiled a selection of some of the choice items available for sale for the Geisel enthusiast. Most are first edition copies, in varying conditions, some signed or inscribed.

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The Eerie Glory of Edward Gorey

From cats to bats, the ballet to fur coats, mustachioed villains and swooning heroines, Edward Gorey was one in a million. Explore.

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Top 10 Books to Read Aloud

Top 10 books to read aloud to children.

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Ronald Searle: From P.O.W. to Prolific Illustrator

Our latest feature on AbeBooks is about the English illustrator Ronald Searle, whose artistic career began as a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. He endured horrific conditions and yet produced remarkable sketches. After the War, he went on to create St. Trinian’s, home to the world’s wickedest schoolgirls, and illustrate many books, […]

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The Szyk Haggadah

Polish-born illustrator Arthur Szyk created what is arguably the most beautiful book of all time. His magnum opus is The Szyk Haggadah – a book completed in the style of an illuminated manuscript where the text is supplemented by decorated initials, borders and deeply vibrant illustrations. It was created under the shadow of Adolf Hitler […]

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