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I Like Big Books – A Literacy Rap

The staff and students at Dowell Middle School in McKinney, Texas put together this rap spoof about taking books out of the library. Love it.

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Kitty Lit: Bookish Meets Cattish

Kitty Lit – where classics meet cats. Cats on classic covers at last, from The Great Catsby to A Tale of Two Kitties and beyond!

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AbeBooks’ Halloween Pumpkin

Danny, one of the database guys at AbeBooks, has carved this lovely pumpkin featuring the AbeBooks’ book-bird logo.

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AbeBooks.co.uk shines in Which? Magazine survey of online shopping sites

The November 2011 issue of Which? Magazine has just been published in the UK and it carries an in-depth review of the UK’s online shopping sites. If you don’t know Which?, it’s the UK’s leading consumer protection organization and highly respected for its work in consumer affairs. Which? surveyed 14,671 of its members about their […]

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Cyberman William Gibson on cyberspace & beyond

Vancouver-based author William Gibson is profiled by The Guardian and once again we hear the story of how he invented the word ‘cyberspace.’ It first appeared in a short story by Gibson for the July 1982 edition of a science fiction magazine that no longer exists. “The first thing I did was to sit down […]

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Book-themed fabrics

Earlier this week, I met a couple of lovely ladies from a website called Fabric.com. This website, well…, sells fabric on the Internet and they’ve been doing it for a long time. My initial feeling was ‘that’s great but we’ve got nothing in common’ and then I did a few searches on their site, and […]

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Booklovers strike back with I Hate the I Hate Reading Facebook page

Book people might seem like calm, mild-mannered and reasoned folks, but never make them angry. Books and reading are sacred to these people and the whole ‘I Hate Reading’ Facebook page (and I’m not going to link to it) debacle has stirred up a hornet’s nest. It appears someone has taken my advice from earlier […]

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We hate the “I Hate Reading’ Facebook page

And to cap off a great week of plunging share prices and riots on the streets, there is a ‘I Hate Reading’ Facebook page with 438,544 likes. Somebody should set up the ‘I Hate the I Hate Reading Page’ page on Facebook. (I know hate is a strong word and my mother told me never […]

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Sad Keanu publishes poetry

Strange things ARE afoot at the Circle K. Keanu Reeves, the actor who brought us cinematic greats like Speed, Speed 2, Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey and Johnny Mnemonic* continues to give back to the world, this time with a book of poetry titled Ode To Happiness. The New York Daily News explains that “Ode […]

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Salinger’s long-lost brother

Simon Blackwell, a comedy writer in the UK, tweeted this very funny one-liner last night. “I think I might know where the search went wrong.”

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