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The best travel books and world’s most literary city according to Patricia Schultz

We recently had the pleasure of meeting author Patricia Schultz, the woman behind the best-selling 1000 Places to See Before You Die books. We were anxious to pick her brain about the world’s most literary towns and the bookshops she’s seen along the way, and she was generous enough to indulge us. AbeBooks: Tell us […]

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Life in the Old Goat yet – a bookseller profile

A newspaper in Waterloo, Ontario, has profiled Michael Loubert, one of our booksellers and the owner of the wonderfully named Old Goat Books. Michael opened Old Goat Books in March 2001 and has sold with AbeBooks since October 2002. The shop offers over 24 000 books and more than 16,000 are online with our marketplace. […]

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New Zealand’s 27-year-old writing sensation takes Booker in her stride

The Daily Telegraph carries an interview with Eleanor Catton, the 27-year-old novelist from New Zealand who has been shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize.  The Luminaries is tale set in the New Zealand goldfields during 1866, and Catton is the youngest writer to be ever shortlisted for the award. In her second novel, The Luminaries, […]

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Khaled Hosseini Interview and other news

There were a couple of neat book related stories that I found this morning that I wanted to share with you. The first is a great New York Times interview with Khaled Hosseini in which he reveals that: the best book he was ever given as a gift was a Farsi translation of White Fang; […]

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Bookseller of the Week: Churchill Book Collector

Marc Kuritz of Churchill Book Collector was kind enough to answer our questions about his bookselling business. Churchill Book Collector is located in San Diego and it’s a partnership between Marc and Paul Shelley. Read on and you will also gain an insight into Winston Churchill himself, the business of rare bookselling and the people […]

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Marjorie Celona Interview

Marjorie Celona – if you haven’t heard the name before, remember you heard it here first, because she is going places. The Victoria, British Columbia-born author is on a launch tour for her debut novel right now. Simply titled Y, the novel has already generated all kinds of literary buzz, earned legions of devoted fans, […]

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Orange Prize Saved, Renamed Women’s Prize for Fiction

After mobile telecommunications brand Orange announced over the summer that it would no longer be sponsoring the fiction prize they have supported for 17 years, the future of the prize looked questionable. With sponsorship budgets already dedicated elsewhere, organizers were unable to secure a stable funding option in time for the 2013 prize, so happily, […]

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Sadie Jones returns with third novel – The Uninvited Guests

Sadie Jones has a new book out, her third, and she is living under a self-imposed Internet ban so she probably won’t be visiting our esteemed online organ. Her debut novel was The Outcast, her second was Small Wars and the third is called The Uninvited Guests. The Observer carried an interview with Jones yesterday. […]

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Eowyn Ivey on writing The Snow Child

Eowyn Ivey is interviewed at the BBC about how she wrote her first novel, The Snow Child – which is going to sell many copies in 2012 and perhaps win awards too. The US-born author is named after a Tolkien character. She works in a bookshop, used to be a newspaper reporter, and she shoots […]

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From YouTube’s vault: David Foster Wallace interviewed by Charlie Rose

YouTube might be stuffed full with videos of crazy cats and toddlers falling over, but it’s also an amazing archive like this opportunity to listen to David Foster Wallace express himself. This video was broadcast on March 27, 1997.

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