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Grumpy old author Maurice Sendak

The Guardian has an interview with children’s author Maurice Sendak, who appears to be exceptionally grumpy. It’s a long, interesting interview and rather sad in places, especially where the author is contemplating his own death. At 83, Sendak is still enraged by almost everything that crosses his landscape. In the first 10 minutes of our […]

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Anthony Bourdain’s bookish life

Anthony Bourdain is interviewed by the LA Times about his bookish life. I read a lot of essayists, I love essayists, I love essays. I’m a huge Joan Didion fan, I’m a huge Montaigne fan. It might be unlikely in the extreme that I’ll be able to reprint Orwell, but given the opportunity, I sure […]

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Booker Prize Prediction: Esi Edugyan’s Half-Blood Blues

Interview with author Esi Edugyan, whose novel Half Blood Blues has been shortlisted for the 2011 Man Booker Prize and longlisted for the 2011 Giller Prize.

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Beauty Pays, being ugly does not

I was wondering why huge salaries and fancy cars have always eluded me during my career. It turns out that no-one wants to pay big bucks to someone who looks like a pig in knickers. Don’t read this Huffington Post interview if you are ugly.

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Our Uncle Eric is George Orwell

Imagine being related to an author? I’m sure a few of you are, but imagine having George Orwell as your uncle? The Daily Telegraph carries an interview with two nieces and a nephew of the big man… aka Uncle Eric. I love how they all laugh about the time when Uncle Eric almost drowned. Having […]

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Babar is 80 years old

Babar the elephant is 80 years old. USA Today interviews Laurent de Brunhoff, whose father, Jean, started the series in 1931. Apparently, Babar’s a symbol of colonial oppression and racism. We’ve got a few Babar books in our household and they seem alright to me. Laurent deleted a few of this father’s drawings of “fat-lipped, […]

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Interview with typographer Akira Kobayashi

Salon has an interview with Akira Kobayashi. Don’t know who he is, right? Kobayashi is the type director at Linotype – that basically makes him the ‘Czar of Typography.’ (He liked Cooper Black as a kid.) If you want to learn more about typographers, typography and typophiles, then browse these books.

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Amy Stewart’s Wicked Plants Follow-up: Wicked Bugs

Amy Stewart, cool and interesting author of Wicked Plants now has a follow-up book all about diabolical insects: Wicked Bugs.

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Interview with Terry Fallis

An interview with Canadian political satire novelist Terry Fallis.

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Eoin Colfer interview

Artemis Fowl author Eoin Colfer is interviewed at The Independent. He says: “I think what helped me more was that Artemis became the anti-Harry Potter. If J.K. (Rowling) was the Beatles, I was the Rolling Stones or something.” I can’t see him as Mick and he’s not really Keef. Nobody on this Earth would want […]

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