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Ten Facts about Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway led a remarkable life that saw him win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and also the Nobel Prize for Literature. But he was also a man of action who reported from the Spanish Civil War and World War II, and drove a Red Cross ambulance in Italy during World War I where he […]

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New Weirdness: Visit the Weird Book Room

Do you know the Weird Book Room? We’ve just updated with six new finds, including our featured weird book this time around, “Ragnar’s Guide to Home and Recreational Use of High Explosives”.

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Beauty Pays, being ugly does not

I was wondering why huge salaries and fancy cars have always eluded me during my career. It turns out that no-one wants to pay big bucks to someone who looks like a pig in knickers. Don’t read this Huffington Post interview if you are ugly.

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Among the Fans – a sports book about watching the watchers

Here’s another book for my to-read list and I’m going to blog about it so I don’t forget. I like the look of Among the Fans by Patrick Collins – reviewed in The Guardian by sportswriter Richard Williams. It’s a book about watching sports fans as they are watching (or not watching) sport. Fans of […]

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I read Beowulf, Don Quixote and Heart of Darkness Today – What Have You Done?

Read the classics in seconds with the help of Book-A-Minute Classics

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Most literary graveyards

The Publishers Weekly blog asks which graveyard is the most literary, and doesn’t even mention Highgate Cemetery in London. Highgate’s East Cemetery contains: Douglas Adams, novelist Lucy Lane Clifford, novelist George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans), novelist, Karl Marx, economist Dachine Rainer, poet Highgate’s West Cemetery contains Beryl Bainbridge, novelist Lots of the Charles Dickens […]

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Tailgate Library: The Bookish Boot Sale

60-year-old bookseller, former lawyer and definite character Charles Mysak has been selling books out of his car in the same parking spot for 11 years.

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An upside down review of a yoga book

I said: “Heike, you’ve got to do another video book review for us.” She said: “OK, can I do a yoga book?” I replied: “Sure, just don’t make it boring.” Here is a video review of B.K.S Iyengar’s Yoga the Path to Holistic Health and it’s definitely not a boring review. I love this video.

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A Visit to the Bookshelf of One Avid Reader

Enjoy a video tour of the bookshelf of one of our staff.

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Get to know your librarians though census data

Moby Lives pointed me towards this neat blog post this morning which has compiled census data on librarians from the past 120 years. It looks at how librarians are less plentiful but better paid, increasingly married, and older than they used to be and almost always female.

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