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Help literary charities by listing local literary events on LibraryThing

Our good friends over at LibraryThing.com have announced a new initiative to help local bookstores and libraries promote their literary events and help raise money for literary charities. How are they doing this? For every bookstore and library event added to LibraryThing Local from now until January 1, LibraryThing will donate up to 15 cents […]

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China’s Mo Yan Wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Chinese writer Mo Yan has won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, reports the BBC.  Born Guan Moye, he writes under the pen name of Mo Yan, which translates as “don’t speak” in Chinese. The 57-year-old began writing while working as a soldier in the Chinese army and was first published in 1981. He is […]

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Banned Books Trading Cards from the Lawrence Public Library

Since 1982, the last week of September has been known as Banned Books Week, and is a time to reflect on censorship in the literary world, celebrate the freedom of information and access to literature, and review the most frequently banned and challenged titles today. For the annual observance of Banned Books Week last week, […]

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The Great Gatsby and Its Classic Dustjacket

What takes a first edition of The Great Gatsby from nice to priceless? Hint: It’s original, it’s celestial, and it’s gorgeous. Watch our video for Fitzgerald-fueled finery. Want to know more about F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby? Read our feature on this legend of literature, including an interview with an expert from The […]

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When the Authors of Adult Books Write for Children

Many authors, well known for writing serious literature for adults, have turned their attention to younger readers and written for children. Aldous Huxley went into a brave new world of crows and Ian Fleming shelved 007 to invent a magical car. With the experience, insight and sophistication of excellent writing at their fingertips, these authors […]

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Frankenstein: To Lord Byron, From Mary Shelley

One of our booksellers, Peter Harrington has come into possession of a most wonderful and rare item – an association copy of Frankenstein, inscribed by Mary Shelley… to Lord Byron. The story of Frankenstein’s inception is legendary, and this copy clearly has its own to story to tell. What an incredible find. My colleague Richard […]

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August’s Most Expensive Sales on AbeBooks

The Old Man and the Sea was published 60 years ago this week and one lucky person has marked the anniversary by paying $18,500 for a signed first edition of Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel. The inscription was: “with very best wishes, Ernest Hemingway, Keywest/1958.” If you’d like to know more about Hemingway’s time in Key […]

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Watch Out Fifty Shades of Grey – Classic Literature Gets Eroticized

Oh Gods, kill me now. According to the Time Magazine NewsFeed, who I can only pray are having some peculiarly-timed April Fool’s-style laugh at our expense, things are about to get a whole lot worse. Publishers eager to cash in on the current craze of….”mommy porn”….*shudder* are reportedly planning to release steamier versions of some […]

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21 Faces of Brave New World – Happy Birthday, Aldous Huxley

Best remembered for his novel Brave New World, author Aldous Huxley wrote ten other novels and nearly that many collections of short stories. Today would be his 118th birthday. The circumstances of his death are interesting – not only did he request (and receive) a hefty intravenous dose of LSD on his deathbed, but also […]

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36 Remarkable Novels Set in London

Apparently, commercial entities are not allowed to mention the O******* during their promotional work due to copyright issues. So there is a really big sporting event that originated in Greece about to start in London and, to be topical, my colleague Richard has written a feature called A Literary Tour of London where he has […]

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