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AbeBooks: One of BC’s Top Employers for 2012

AbeBooks is pleased to announce that we have been named one of British Columbia’s Top Employers for 2012.

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AbeBooks.co.uk shines in Which? Magazine survey of online shopping sites

The November 2011 issue of Which? Magazine has just been published in the UK and it carries an in-depth review of the UK’s online shopping sites. If you don’t know Which?, it’s the UK’s leading consumer protection organization and highly respected for its work in consumer affairs. Which? surveyed 14,671 of its members about their […]

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More to Stella Gibbons than Cold Comfort Farm

The Observer’s Rachel Cooke profiles Stella Gibbons, author of Cold Comfort Farm and so much more (she wrote 32 books in all). I’m not sure if profile is the correct word as Gibbons died in 1989. Gibbons believed she might have a hit on her hands early on: the girls who typed her manuscript (of […]

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Uncorrected Proofs

In publishing jargon, a proof is the preliminary iteration of a book, intended for a limited audience. Its purpose is to allow for final edits. The proofs can also help to build and maintain buzz about a book before its official release date, generate some early reviews and have potential readers eager to get their […]

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Dogs in literature

There is a tremendous article in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel about dogs in literature. AbeBooks even gets a mention. It covers off companion dogs, talking dogs, bad dogs and future dogs. In Mikhail Bulgakov’s 1925 Soviet satire, Heart of a Dog, a crazed professor implants a human pituitary gland and testicles into a stray […]

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Bookstore cat helps the less fortunate

Nietzsche, the feline resident of The Book Man bookshop in Chilliwack BC, has been using his new found fame for a good cause. After being chosen one of AbeBooks’ top bookstore cats, Nietzsche used his star power to release a limited edition set of “pawtographed” bookmarks, which when sold raised $250 for Chilliwack Animal Safe […]

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Conrad’s sci-fi novel – The Inheritors

The Guardian ponders Joseph Conrad’s little-known, little-read science fiction novel, The Inheritors, which was written in Ford Madox Ford. Glad we could help the writer find a copy. Take look at the first edition, second state (pictured here) from 1901.

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The rare and controversial Trowenna Sea

AbeBooks was mentioned in today’s New Zealand Herald while discussing the escalating prices for remaining copies of Witi Ihimaera’s controversial, and now rare, 2009 historical fiction novel The Trowenna Sea. The book was originally published in New Zealand in 2009, but was removed from public sale after Ihimaera was accused of Plagiarising from several historians. […]

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“The best deal was at AbeBooks.com….”

A college newspaper at the University of Wisconsin (Waukesha) recently ran a price comparison on textbooks and compared the campus bookstore to AbeBooks, Chegg, Amazon, Bigwords and Half. Guess who had the best price? I’ll give you a clue – it wasn’t Chegg, Amazon, Bigwords or Half. Learn more about finding the cheapest textbooks on […]

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Rare books as an investment

CNBC.com has an article on rare books as an alternative form of investment. And yes, we do indeed have a signed first edition of The Catcher in the Rye for sale for $55,000. John Windle, owner of John Windle Antiquarian Books in San Francisco, says collecting books is more akin to a savings account than […]

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