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From Written Word to Silver Screen: 17 books hitting theaters in 2014

Books have a long history of becoming great films. It goes without saying that the two make a good pair, in fact, five of this year’s Oscar Best Picture nominees are book-to-film titles. American Hustle is based on The Sting Man: Inside Abscam by Robert W. Greene. Captain Phillips was inspired by A Captain’s Duty: Somali […]

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Books a documentary of Larry McMurtry’s 2012 auction

In the summer of 2012 Larry McMurtry auctioned off about 300,000 volumes from the warehouses of his bookshop Booked Up.  It was the rare book event of the summer and two film makers were there to catch the action.  They have put together a short trailer to promote the film they hope to make if […]

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Movies from Books, 2013

Publishers Weekly has a list of the 10 most anticipated 2013 movies from books. Here are my thoughts on each. 10. Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin I confess, I know little about this, as I’ve never read the book. It has a promising cast including Colin Farrell and Jennifer Connelly (something for everyone, then…!), but […]

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Feminist Ryan Gosling to Play Christian Grey?

Ahahaha. Wow, I never thought I would find a way to incorporate the term “feminist” and the term “Christian Grey” into the same blog post title. Kudos to me. Two vaguely literary items of note regarding the gorgeous golden god that is Ryan Gosling: 1) The web site “Feminist Ryan Gosling” now has an accompanying […]

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David Sedaris Meets Silver Screen with C.O.G. Film

It’s early days, but I am cautiously optimistic this might come to fruition – at last, at last (a mighty huzzah!), it looks as though some of David Sedaris‘ brilliant, caustic and hilarious writing might find its way to a movie theater. The project is an adaptation of Sedaris’ essay called “C.O.G.”, from the 1997 […]

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The Fake Books from The Royal Tenenbaums – Made Real

I am a tremendous fan of Wes Anderson’s films. My husband and I recently saw Moonrise Kingdom and enjoyed it; I for one found it utterly charming and magical and my cheeks hurt from smiling when it was over. Of all the movies in Anderson’s oeuvre, my favorite would come down to either Rushmore or […]

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Mark Twain: A Thomas Edison Joint

Shot by Thomas Edison in 1909, this short video (no sound, obviously) is apparently the only footage of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) in existence. It became part of a two-reel short film based on Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Twain died the year following the filming. via MentalFloss

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Kubrick & Clarke: The Letter That Resulted in 2001:A Space Odyssey

Another great find from Letters of Note, this time of the science-fiction variety. In March 1964, legendary film director Stanley Kubrick (who by ’64 already had Lolita, The Killing and Dr. Strangelove under his belt, among others) wrote to also-legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke (who had already been Hugo-nominated by then), proposing a […]

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Film Poster for Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”

Fans eagerly await the next chapter in Peter Jackson’s film affair with J.R.R. Tolkien – The Hobbit‘s world premiere is November 28th in New Zealand. The rest of the world gets it halfway through December. For now, here’s a great new poster to tide you over. via firewireblog

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Life of Pi by Yann Martel – Teaser Trailer

It’s been 11 years since the publication of Yann Martel’s book of mystery, metaphor and magical realism, Life of Pi, was published. At long last, there is a snippet available – albeit very brief – of the upcoming film adaptation to stoke our excitement. The film is due for release in the United States in […]

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