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7 Upcoming Movies from Books I’m Excited About

I’m a big fan of films adapted from books. There are always a fair number of doozies that they get horribly wrong, a lot of decent adaptations, and if we’re lucky, a few shining gems that really do justice to the book and its fans. Some of the upcoming movies from books I’m most curious […]

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Star Wars Nerd Porn – Now in Russian!

Russian Star Wars Posters from Twentieth Century Fox

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Photoplay Editions: Rudolph Valentino to Jean Harlow

Photoplay editions are the early 1920s and 1930s version of movie tie-in versions of books. With memorable dustjackets and fi;m icons, these books shine.

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Movie Review: The Hunger Games

AbeBooks review of The Hunger Games movie.

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Hunger Games Movie

The film adaptation of The Hunger Games is due for release in one week. The trailer looks very promising.

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Blade Runner Sketchbook resurfaces online

The Blade Runner Sketchbook is one of the ultimate pieces of memorabilia for fans of the 1982 science fiction movie. The book details the look and feel of the film’s production artwork from simple props like Deckard’s gun to police cars and clothes. Some of the designs come from director Ridley Scott himself but also […]

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Cormac McCarthy pens original screenplay

Mr. McCarthy has thrown everyone for a loop and has produced a screenplay for a full length film. Even his agents were surprised, they were expecting the 78-year-old author to turn in a draft for a new novel. The Guardian is reporting that the script is for a film called The Counselor, and it is […]

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Sarah Polley to Tackle Adaptation of Atwood’s “Alias Grace”

In a Canadian cultural dream team, actress/director Sarah Polley has signed on to a film adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s “Alias Grace”.

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Upcoming Movies from Books

Here are some upcoming 2012 film adaptations of books. Remember to read the book first!

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Viggo Mortenson’s Publishing Company: Perceval Press

Viggo Mortenson founded a publishing company, Perceval Press, in 2002, specializing in art, poetry, photography books and CDs, helping artists and authors get a start.

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