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A Girl Who Reads

A Girl Who reads – this beautiful spoken word poetry by Mark Grist celebrates the love of women who love to read.

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10 literary facts about the Titanic

Features about the Titanic are plentiful this week – the BBC has some particularly interesting reading. Learn about the 1955 book about the sinking, A Night to Remember by Walter Lord, the lost jeweled copy of Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the American mystery writer who went down with the ship, the ship’s two libraries, and […]

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A video tour of the AbeBooks office

Ever wondered what the AbeBooks HQ looks like? Probably not, but here’s a video tour of our office in Victoria, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, in Canada for anyone who is interested. As I sit here writing this blog post, I can see float planes taking off, ships and yachts going past, and the Olympic […]

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On The Road trailer

Here’s the trailer for the On The Road movie. Take a look at the lovely Kristen Stewart and her crazy ‘hepcat’ dancing. I thought Jack Kerouac’s book would always make an awful film but perhaps I am wrong.

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10 Facts about Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a book that is timeless. It has had the same effect on young readers for generations – it really doesn’t matter whether it’s 1912 or 2012. The characters are so strong and so memorable. But what about the author? What is the story behind Lewis Carroll? A man who loved […]

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Introducing the Cormac McCarthy edition of Pictionary

A funny video from some clever folks – introducing the Cormac McCarthy edition of Pictionary.

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How to use a colonial era printing press

At the 2012 California Antiquarian Book Fair we met up with the International Printing Museum and they demonstrated how an old style printing press works. This miniature colonial-style printing press was actually made in 1976 but is a replica of what Benjamin Franklin would have used.

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The biggest Dick and Jane book in the world

You could say the Dick and Jane books helped the Baby Boomer generation in North America to learn to read. But have you ever seen a Dick and Jane book like this one? The huge book in this video is an elephant folio – 19.5 inches wide by 25.5 inches high. It’s a special edition […]

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AbeBooks shoots a cover of a romance novel

Romance novel readers don’t have it easy. Already teased for reading the steamy tomes in the first place, they further have to deal with the humiliation of truly ghastly covers – tasteless and tawdry, garish and gaudy, these are lurid and cheesy enough to make someone wish for plain brown wrappers. But we say no […]

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Understanding book sizes: octavo to elephant folio

Books come in different shapes and sizes. They can be small or very big indeed. Quarto, duodecimo, octavo and elephant folio are just some of the terms you will hear used, and this video from my colleague Christi helps to demystify the jargon. You can learn more about book sizes at the AbeBooks’ Book Collecting […]

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