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Books in Janis Joplin’s handbag

It’s usually pretty rude to ask a girl what she has in her handbag, but if she’s dead then I guess it’s OK for us to take a peek. The Hairpin blog delves into the archives and Janis Joplin’s handbag, and finds an empty bottle of Southern Comfort and some smokes (of course), plus two […]

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“I’m reading a book”

….Don’t interrupt him ‘cos he’s reading a book. Ohh… he’s an angry young reader.

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David Mitchell and Kate Bush

Author David Mitchell’s hero(ine) is Kate Bush. How post-modern! (Do people still talk about post-modernism?) I thought she was great too. There are various books about the singer songwriter but none by her. Surely someone as bonkers and creative as Bush would have a good story to tell?

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American Psycho: The Musical

American Psycho is going to be made into a musical. No, really.

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Nick Hornby & Ben Folds release album

I missed this story about author Nick Hornby working with musician Ben Folds to produce an album called Lonely Avenue until hearing about it on NPR this morning. I imagine lyric writing came pretty easy to Hornby who, of course, adores music and blends it into much of his writing.

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Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, Jay-Z & books

A couple of music-themed book stories this morning. Keith Richards and Jay-Z will be giving talks at the New York Public Library. Richards is a well known rare book collector but as for Jay-Z, I suspect he’ll just be flogging his new book. Talking about dinosaurs of rock, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame is […]

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Rare book reveals earlier version of Sweet Molly Malone

A rare 18th century book discovered by an AbeBooks bookseller in Hay-on-Wye is shedding some new light on Dublin’s Molly Malone and the famous song. The famous cockles and mussels version was first published in the United States in 1883, attributed to James Yorkston. Other versions mentioning the hill of Howth are known, but none […]

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Best illustrated books for adults

I always thought Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine was one of the best named indie pop bands of the late 1980s/early 1990s. Guitarist Les Carter can take great pride in having the band named after his apparent sexual prowess. The other half of the original Carter USM line-up, Jim Bob Morrison, is in The Guardian […]

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Atwood + hockey = musical movie

Margaret Atwood is going to play herself and sing in a musical movie about hockey. Only in Canada.

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America’s dismay as ‘obscure’ Herta Müller takes Nobel

Once more America is shocked there is a literary world away from the land of Uncle Sam. The dismay at Herta Müller, a Romanian-born German citizen, being named this year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature is clear and follows on from the dismay at Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio’s victory last year. Müller is […]

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