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Happy Robbie Burns Day!

Happy Robbie Burns Day – enjoy perusing these collectible copies of Robert Burns’ works.

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Tickets please for this Soviet era children’s poem in a steam engine

I am biased but AbeBooks is a treasure trove. Yesterday, I came across this amazing item. You would only find it by searching for “avant garde steam locomotive” hence my eagerness to showcase this undated leporello from Russia’s Soviet era. A leporello is a single sheet of paper that has been folded several times. Some […]

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An Extraordinary Cosway Binding: Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A stunning example of a Cosway binding (a leather-bound book whose cover is inlaid with miniature portraits), Evangeline by Longfellow has miniatures inlaid on the back cover as well.

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16th century erotic poetry discovered

Found in a West Virginia library inside a 1561 copy of Chaucer was a 450 year old erotic love poem from a Catholic woman named Lady Elizabeth Dacre wrote an erotic (at least for the time) love poem in Latin to a Protestant man Sir Anthony Cooke who happened to be the tutor to King […]

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Charles Bukowski’s Letter – Terms for Poetry Reading

Letter from Charles Bukowski, outlining his terms to give a poetry reading.

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Fred Wah: Canada’s New Poet Laureate

Congratulations to Vancouver resident Fred Wah, the latest Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate. Wah is the 5th poet to be appointed to the position. He has been publishing poetry since the sixties, and during his career has won the Governor General’s Award, Alberta’s Stephanson Award, and the Dorothy Livesay Prize for his poetry, the Howard O’Hagan […]

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Poet Ruth Stone dies at 96

American poet Ruth Stone, whose career took off in her later years, has died in Vermont at 96. Her best-known work, including The Solution and Simplicity, came after she turned 70. In 2002, she won the National Book Award for Poetry with In the Next Galaxy. The BBC has the story.

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Good ol’ Gerald Manley Hopkins

Representatives of Exeter Cathedral in Devon are stony-faced after an engraving mishap in which a Gerard Manley Hopkins poetry quotation was attributed to the lesser-known Gerald Manley Hopkins.

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Breaking news: poet becomes president of a country

I’m a bit surprised to see so little reaction to the news that a poet, Michael D Higgins, has been elected as the ninth Irish president. Let me repeat that – a man who writes poems is going to be running a country of 4.5 million people. It’s safe to say that the Republic of […]

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Video review of The Owl & the Pussycat by Edward Lear & illustrated by Stéphane Jorisch

Today, Julie recommends The Owl and the Pussycat, written by Edward Lear and illustrated by Stephane Jorisch – a three-time Governor General’s winner for children’s illustrations. We’re sure most of you know this poem but what makes this particular book special are the illustrations by Jorisch. This nonsense poem was first published in 1871. Lear […]

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