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Bestselling signed books in January

Neil Gaiman seems to be the man of the hour, Newbery award winner for The Graveyard Book and the silver screen adaptation of Coraline will begin showing tomorrow. What amazed me most was Barack Obama showing up on this list despite the fact that you would be considered lucky to find a signed Obama for […]

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Bestselling books for January 2009 on AbeBooks.co.uk

Barack Obama continues to be the talk of the town on both sides of the Atlantic and The Reality TV program Victorian Farm edged the long out of print Book of the Farm into the top ten, however its out of print status kept it from creeping any higher in the rankings. Top 10 bestselling […]

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Top 10 Bestsellers on AbeBooks.com

The Presidential inauguration reigns supreme this month as both the President and Rick Warren ride the top of this month’s best sellers… 1. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren 2. The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama 3. Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston 4. The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx […]

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Signed Barack Obama book sells for $12,500

Here is a list of the top ten most expensive sales on AbeBooks in the month of January. Barack Obama continues to be super hot among book collectors once again smashing the previous Obama book price record of $5500. Top 10 most expensive books purchased on AbeBooks for January 2009 1. YA-WAE PA-HU-CAE E-CAE AE-TA-NAE […]

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Defining a Literary President

Interesting commentary from the Chicago Tribune‘s Cultural Critic, Julia Keller. Keller takes a closer look at what is meant when people refer to Obama as a “literary president”. It is true that President Barack Obama writes books. So, of course, did previous presidents. If you want a real treat, read Theodore Roosevelt’s “The Rough Riders“—or […]

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January’s Bestselling Political Books

From The New York Times Politics Blog The Caucus comes a list of bestselling political books based on sales for Dec. 27 through Jan. 17, 2009. No prizes for guessing who dominates the list! The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. Dreams From My Father by Barack Obama American Lion by Jon Meacham Guilty by […]

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Obama – President and Poet

Not only is President Obama an avid reader, apparently he’s written a good poem or two in his time. I came across this poem, apparently written by Obama at the age of 19, posted on the blog The Best American Poetry. Pop  Sitting in his seat, a seat broad and broken In, sprinkled with ashes, […]

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Thomas Paine: Barack Obama’s inspiration

Barack Obama’s inauguration speech continues to inspire column inches and internet pixels. Now the attention is on Thomas Paine – the inspiration behind his inspiring speech. Rare book collectors and historians know Paine very well. Paine, one of America’s early thinkers and writers, featured in Obama’s speech in the final section. “In the year of […]

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Top Ten Obamamania – Good morning, Mr. President

So, this morning, Barack Obama woke up as President of the United States. But I wonder if he know’s the extent of the buzz around his name? It’s been pretty astounding watching the media frenzy, watching the world respond. An exciting time to live in, to witness, without a doubt. Just off the top of […]

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Spider-Man: The Special Inauguration Day Edition

Remember the collectible Spider-Man issue #583 that teams the webbed hero with now President Obama? When I mentioned it in a January 12th post,  The Christian Scientist Monitor was predicting a jump in value from the $3.99 face value to $20.00 on the day of issue alone. Well…according to a post  on the LA Times […]

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