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Studying the art of Lolita

We love books about books. Lolita – The Story of a Cover Girl: Vladimir Nabokov’s Novel in Art and Design is a book about a book’s artwork. The question behind the book is what should Lolita look like? The question that has challenged cover designers since 1955 when Lolita appeared in a plain green wrapper. […]

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More on The Cuckoo’s Calling – Signed First Sells for $4,453

More news around The Cuckoo’s Calling and JK Rowling‘s (Robert Galbraith’s) recent marketing brilliance. The most expensive copy of The Cuckoo’s Calling that we at AbeBooks have sold on the marketplace this week was a signed first edition that went for $4,453 / £2,950. The signature was Robert Galbraith (we wondered – would a copy […]

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Penguin Classics the forgotten grey covers

Like most bibliophiles we love the classic penguin dust jackets; it’s a topic we have discussed at length here at AbeBooks. We have written a site feature talking about them, and we also shot a video describing the colors of the Penguin rainbow. At the time of writing the site feature, we were unable to […]

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Penguin’s Glorious Science Fiction Covers

One of the reasons Penguin books has been so successful over the years is its history of creating fantastic book covers. Happily, the Penguin science fiction series is no different. From the campy cartoon style creatures and ridiculous buxom babes of space opera, to the darkly stylized futuristic cities in dystopian futures, Penguin embraces all […]

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Penguin Book Truck coming to an event near you

If you find yourself at a book event this summer and happen to see something which looks a lot like a bright orange food truck/cart, take a second look – you may have found the Penguin Book Truck. Designed to look like a classic New York City hot dog cart and lunch truck, these mobile […]

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The Color Coding of Vintage Penguins

Our latest video is brought to you by the letter P: Penguin, Puffin, Ptarmigan, Peacock and Pelican – apparently not even all of the “P-birds” in the Penguin pantheon. It also sheds some light on the different colored covers on the vintage Penguin paperbacks you no doubt come across in bookstores. Orange, cerise, dark blue, […]

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The Little Leather Library

Measuring only about four inches and bound in a simple embossed leather covering the books of the Little Leather Library are absolutely Spartan in design. Max Sackheim,Harry Scherman and Charles and Albert Boni knew they would need to be thrifty if they were going to successfully launch a publishing house in the middle of World […]

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Ptarmigan Books – A Puzzle

While doing some research for a feature, I came across a Penguin imprint I hadn’t seen before – Ptarmigan Books. I knew it was Penguin immediately, not just from the name (though I suspected, because they do have a theme – Penguin, Pelican, Puffin… why not Ptarmigan?) but also because the cover art struck me. […]

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The Books of A&C Black

Go back in time to the era of Downton Abbey and discover what was being read. Titles published by A&C Black would have been found on many bookshelves and these beautiful vintage editions have lost none of their appeal. Famous for publishing P.G. Wodehouse’s early novels and the Who’s Who reference book of society, A&C […]

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Video for the Penguin English Library

To mark the launch of the Penguin English Library, Penguin commissioned this sweet animated video from the critically-acclaimed director Woof Wan-Bau. The video depicts one lucky (and familiar!) pengun finding his way to the glorious land of books. The Penguin English Library is: “…100 of the best novels in the English language. These are books […]

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