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Anniversary of Lady Chatterley acquittal

On this day in 1960, the landmark obscenity case over Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence ended with the acquittal of Penguin Books. The publisher had been sued for publishing Lawrence’s novel, which details the steamy affair between the wife of a wealthy, paralysed landowner and his gamekeeper. All this seems a million miles away […]

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The James Bond Archives from Taschen

Taschen, one of our favorite publishers, has issued The James Bond Archives edited by Paul Duncan. The publisher claims the 600-page heavyweight book is “the most complete account of the making of the series, covering every James Bond film ever made.” Duncan spent two years researching over “one million images and 100 filing cabinets of […]

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The Akashic Noir Series – Gritty, Grim and Glorious

In 2004, Akashic Books published Brooklyn Noir, a collection of short noir stories set around Brooklyn. People loved the regional authenticity and hardboiled, honest-to-goodness grit, and a series was born. Now you can read about murder in Mumbai, trouble in Trinidad, a corpse in Cape Cod and far beyond – the Akashic Noir series is […]

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Assouline Publishing

Assouline publishes big, bold and beautiful books about art, architecture, design, fashion, food, travel, photography and much more. This publishing house was only founded in 1994 but it is already famous for producing luxury books that would grace any coffee table. This selection from Assouline Publishing ranges from Cecil Beaton to Penthouse and from Rene […]

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Watch Out Fifty Shades of Grey – Classic Literature Gets Eroticized

Oh Gods, kill me now. According to the Time Magazine NewsFeed, who I can only pray are having some peculiarly-timed April Fool’s-style laugh at our expense, things are about to get a whole lot worse. Publishers eager to cash in on the current craze of….”mommy porn”….*shudder* are reportedly planning to release steamier versions of some […]

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Delicious Design – Penguin’s Great Food Series

Take the greatest food writing from the past 400 years and apply some modern design magic. Penguin’s Great Food Series is simply sumptuous and a true feast for the eyes. True to form, Penguin has taken already-wonderful books and upped their appeal enormously with a series of fantastic covers that would make any shelf proud. […]

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On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves: A Preview

Move over Fifty Shades of Grey, there just might be a new sexy book in town, going viral and breaking the usual publishing rules. On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves was rejected by 14 traditional publishers and 40 different book agents. But Garvis-Graves, who lives in Des Moines, Iowa, persevered, published it as an e-book, […]

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Ace Books: Publishing Pioneers of Science Fiction

Anne McCaffrey, William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin – these prominent authors and many more owe a debt of gratitude to Ace Books. Founded in 1952, this pioneering publisher championed science fiction and helped bring talented young writers out of obscurity and into the spotlight. Many of their striking paperbacks have become favorite finds for […]

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Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio back in print

The Galleycat publishing blog reports that a self-published author called Genevieve Jones has won a book deal from Princeton Architectural Press. Hardly earth shattering news, except that Jones’ book, Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio, was self-published more than 125 years ago. Amateur naturalist Jones died of typhoid at just 32 and […]

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Book Cover Design Challenges in a Changing Landscape

How will the changing landscape and increasing presence of e-books affect traditional book designers and book covers as we know them?

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