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Encyclopaedia Britannica to end print edition

A small part of my childhood just died. Encyclopaedia Britannica is to cease publishing its print edition after more than 200 years, reports the Daily Telegraph. I used to spend hours browsing through our set. I learnt so much. The publisher is ditching its weighty tomes to concentrate on an internet version, after recognising that […]

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How to use a colonial era printing press

At the 2012 California Antiquarian Book Fair we met up with the International Printing Museum and they demonstrated how an old style printing press works. This miniature colonial-style printing press was actually made in 1976 but is a replica of what Benjamin Franklin would have used.

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Grove Press publisher Barney Rosset dies at 89

Barney Rosset, the American publisher who fought countless legal actions against banned books and ran Grove Press, has died at 89, reports the NY Times. Newer generations of readers may not be familiar with him but readers of the 1960s and 1970s should know him. He defied censors in the 1960s by publishing D. H. […]

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Understanding book sizes: octavo to elephant folio

Books come in different shapes and sizes. They can be small or very big indeed. Quarto, duodecimo, octavo and elephant folio are just some of the terms you will hear used, and this video from my colleague Christi helps to demystify the jargon. You can learn more about book sizes at the AbeBooks’ Book Collecting […]

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The Animals of Publishing Logos

From penguins and dolphins to borzois and beyond, this article explores how some of the best-known publishing houses in the industry chose their animal-themed logos. I love how some of them, like Penguin’s penguin have become so iconic that I hardly even recognize them as a picture of an animal anymore – I think “books” […]

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The Bobbs-Merrill Story: From Oz to the Kitchen

Bobbs-Merrill existed in a bygone era of books. This company published L. Frank Baum, Ayn Rand and Irma S. Rombauer’s Joy of Cooking, but is largely forgotten now except by connoisseurs of the used book world. Discover how a Midwestern company put a book into almost every household in America.

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Dave Eggers publishes short story on shower curtain

Dave Eggers, author of the most excellent Zeitoun and founder of McSweeney’s, is publishing a short story on a shower curtain. No, it’s not a reworking of Psycho by Robert Bloch. The ‘publisher’ is The Thing, a quarterly that issues objects that are art-related or literary. The story curtain costs $65 – it better be […]

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Viggo Mortenson’s Publishing Company: Perceval Press

Viggo Mortenson founded a publishing company, Perceval Press, in 2002, specializing in art, poetry, photography books and CDs, helping artists and authors get a start.

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The Folio Society: Devoted to Beautiful Books

The Folio Society is half publisher, half book club, and founded in 1947 on the principle that books should be beautiful to the eye as well as captivating to the mind.

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The art books of Phaidon Press

Our latest on-site feature concerns Phaidon Press and the stunning art books produced by this publisher. Phaidon has been one of the pioneers of the art book format since the mid-1930s. Originally founded in Vienna in 1923, this company relocated to London to avoid the Nazis and never looked back. Phaidon’s titles have covered many […]

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