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A Leap Day Love Quiz: Literary Proposals

In some regions, tradition states that the only time a woman may propose marriage to a man is during a leap year – or only on Leap Day, according to still stricter folks.

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Daily literary quiz questions

For those of you who don’t know, AbeBooks.com has a page on FaceBook and every day on that page we ask a daily literary quiz question. For example earlier this week we asked our little group to name the American author who’s drinking led him to working as a garbage man towards the end of […]

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AbeBooks’ literary charades: name these books

Everyone loves to play charades, right? Well, this is literary charades with a little help from Youtube – you have the guess the books that Beth, Christi and myself are describing without the use of speech. Enjoy.

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Daily literary trivia questions

If you are a big fan of trivia questions then please visit our Facebook fan page. Monday to Friday we post a literary brainteaser on our wall. For instance, this morning’s question asks you to identify the book that features this little animal on its cover. Somebody got it in about three minutes…much to my […]

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Take the Harry Potter quiz

The Guardian has a Harry Potter quiz. I got eight out of 10 and that’s not bad for someone who isn’t a complete Harry Potter nutter. I have, of course, read all the books…aloud…to my daughter, who now says she wants to read them all by herself.

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Libraries in literature quiz

Test your knowledge with this quiz from The Guardian. I got five out of 10.

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Austerity in literature quiz

The Guardian has a quiz on austerity in literature. Six out of 10 for me.

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Brothers and sisters quiz

The Guardian has a quiz on brothers and sisters in literature. I got a woeful score… so bad I’m not going to tell you.

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Bad days in literature

With Gordon Brown in mind, The Guardian has a quiz about bad days in literature. I surprised myself by getting six out of 10

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Mark Twain Quiz and Mark Twain Facts

All about Mark Twain – an exceptionally difficult Mark Twain quiz, a collection of Mark Twain quotes, and a list of interesting Mark Twain facts.

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