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Literary summer quiz

The Guardian offers a literary summer heatwave quiz – I got a woeful four out of 10.

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Happy Bloomsday

The day we celebrate all things Joyce and all things Ulysses. Take the Guardian’s Bloomsday quiz, hopefully you have better luck than I.

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What Type of Book Customer Are You?

It appears that the writer of the post The Seven Types of Bookstore Customer is a somewhat disgruntled big boxstore employee but if you can put aside the bitterness and focus on the fun side, there’s entertainment in determining where you’d place yourself. I know I’m not an Oprahite or a Camper . . .

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Quiz on Dysfunctional Literary Families

Book Quiz on Literature’s Dysfunctional Families

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BBC Book Quiz – How Many have You Read?

How many of the BBC’s list of 100 books have you read? Apparently, the average is six.

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