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Call The Midwife Was a Book First

My husband and I are expecting our first baby. It’s an exciting, wonderful, strange and occasionally terrifying time, as anyone who has been through it will remember. Both medically and emotionally, it’s an absolutely fascinating process that is affecting parts of my body and both of our hearts that neither of us ever expected. To […]

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Winnie-the-Pooh and Other Animals at the New York Public Library

Last week I was in New York for the ABAA New York Antiquarian Book Fair and also the Manhattan Vintage Book & Ephemera Show. As always, New York offered amazing bookstores and a buzzing city. I had some spare time, and in keeping with the book theme, decided to visit the main branch of the […]

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The 25 Books Every Kid Should Have on Their Bookshelf

It’s been 70 years this month since Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s masterpiece of innocence, simplicity and wonder Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) was first published. Few books or stories have managed to capture the sense of joy and honesty of children, of mystery in the universe, and of the beauty of simple acceptance, nearly as […]

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Recommended reading list from George R. R. Martin

Fans of George R.R. Martin love the author for his amazing attention to detail within his vast storylines; what they don’t love, is having to wait several years between books.  This isn’t to say his fans are unappreciative – I assume most understand that quality craftsmanship takes time.  It’s more that they’ve been accustomed to […]

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The Books We Never Get Around To

I love this vintage 1941 poster from the WPA Statewide Library Project, which issues a directive to literature lovers: “In March, read the books you’ve always meant to read!” And it reminds me of the article I wrote lamenting the books that sit upon my shelf, often for years, causing me guilt, dismay and extra […]

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Tips For Reading to Children

My colleagues Richard and Christi put together this great video (above) about the importance of reading to children, and even provided some helpful guidelines on how to get started, and how to get the most out of your bedtime (or anytime!) reading. I’ve added the tips below as well, for reference, as well as a […]

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30 Books For a Six-Year-Old

The book at bedtime is just part of the daily routine for many families, but choosing the right titles to read aloud to an inquisitive six-year-old can be difficult. Can’t be boring, can’t be too slow and can’t be too simplistic. Put together by a father with two daughters, this list comes from experience. It […]

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Fantastic Vintage Book Find of the Day: Poison Case No. 10 by Louis Cornell

Today’s gorgeous book find of the day is from 1931: Poison Case No. 10 by Louis Cornell. I couldn’t find out much information on Louis Cornell, and he seems to have had a very brief writing career. He also seems to have had some dark proclivities – here’s another one, Murder Case No 33. No […]

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The Best Novellas

Novellas are too short to be a novel but too long to be a short story. Located in literature’s middle ground, novellas can be just the right length and there’s plenty to choose from. Ernest Hemingway cemented his literary legacy with a famous novella and Julian Barnes won the 2011 Booker Prize with one. Browse […]

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Great Gumshoes: A Guide to Fictional Detectives

Gumshoes, flatfoots, private eyes, bloodhounds, hawkshaws, sleuths… whatever you call them, detectives make great reading, and everyone loves detective stories. From forensic medical examiners to little old lady spies, from amateur teen sleuths to the grittiest of private dicks, the list of beloved recurring characters in fiction dedicated to the art of solving crimes is […]

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