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Best Books to Read Aloud to Children

Reading aloud was a bedtime rite of passage in my household. Long after I learned to read on my own, my mum would still read to me in bed often, for the simple pleasure and enjoyment of each other’s company. And for me, even though I was capable of racing through books well beyond my […]

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Come Again: The Best Literary Sequels

You would think writing a sequel to a successful book would be a simple affair. Some authors continue the narrative from the original book but the reader could also discover a radically different plot with new leading characters. The sequel might even be a prequel and, in some cases, the writer might be different. See […]

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Reading on the bus

Congratulations to Sheila Turner, who recently won BC Transit’s Transit Hero contest and earned a big pile of British Columbia-themed books (donated by AbeBooks) for her efforts. Sheila wrote a very interesting essay about her bus reading club where a small group of like-minded bibliophiles talk books on the morning commute. Our bus has a […]

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Bob Geldof: booklover

Bob Geldof is a bibliophile. To some people, he’s the lead singer from the Boomtown Rats. To other people, he’s the hero of Live Aid. He’s also the man who named his children Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches Honeyblossom and Little Pixie. But it seems, according to this interview with ABC in Australia, that books are his […]

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A Girl Who Reads

A Girl Who reads – this beautiful spoken word poetry by Mark Grist celebrates the love of women who love to read.

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A timeline of Dystopian fiction

Good Reads has built an infographic about Dystopian fiction – I’m sure you can guess why. Two words… Hunger…. Games.

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I, Anonymous

Books by Anonymous.

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Belgian Royalties-Collection Society to Charge Volunteers Who Read to Kids

Belgian royalties association SABAM is demanding that libraries pay a royalty fee every time a volunteer reads books to children.

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Literary Collaborations: Two Heads Are Better Than One

It can’t be easy. Writing is usually a solitary profession and yet collaborations between authors are easy to find. It was Good Omens when Neil Gaiman worked with Terry Pratchett – a better combination of funny and weird is near impossible to find. And of course, Stephen King and Peter Straub were a Talismanic combination. […]

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The biggest Dick and Jane book in the world

You could say the Dick and Jane books helped the Baby Boomer generation in North America to learn to read. But have you ever seen a Dick and Jane book like this one? The huge book in this video is an elephant folio – 19.5 inches wide by 25.5 inches high. It’s a special edition […]

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