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Amazing Science Fiction Book Cover

Sometimes I find a book which won’t work for a feature, but is too great not to share. A science fiction novel featuring a velociraptor riding a porpoise, with a saddle, through a desert?  This must be shared.  My hat goes off to Peter Goodfellow, the illustrator. You can find more of his illustrations here

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Happy Birthday to Jules Verne, Father of Steampunk

Happy birthday to Jules Verne, born 185 years ago today, on February 8th, 1828. Verne was a French science fiction author, most famous for Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. His imagination ran just as deep, and throughout his career he contributed immeasurably to the genre of science fiction. He is often called the father […]

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50 Essential Science Fiction Books

This was  a virtually impossible task. Put together a list of 50 must-read science fiction books  and don’t make anyone angry. Science fiction is the most discussed and argued  over genre in literature but it actually goes way beyond books and into film,  TV, video games and even toys. Here are the criteria we used. One […]

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International War of the Worlds

While putting together a piece on the best science fiction books (stay tuned…) I came across these two great non-English-language covers for the sci-fi classic The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells – the first is a Spanish language edition of the book, the second is a Danish program for the play. Gorgeous.

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“A Wrinkle in Time” – The Graphic Novel

Interesting news – according to science-fiction and fantasy site Tor.com, a graphic novel adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is going to be available soon. In fact, it’s slated for publication on October 2nd, just shy of three weeks from the writing of this post. How did I not hear of it […]

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Out of This World: Carl Sagan’s Books

Carl Sagan brought the heavens a little closer to Earth through his books. A scientist of such repute that he advised NASA, Sagan popularised science for ordinary folks by writing about the cosmos and the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Innumerable folks all over the world discovered that opening one of Sagan’s books was opening the […]

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Mars Curiosity Landing Site Named Bradbury

Nasa announced yesterday that The Mars Curiosity landing site has been named Bradbury after literary legend Ray Bradbury who passed away in June of this year. Henceforth known as Bradbury landing, the site unnamed until its official dedication and naming yesterday, which would have been Bradbury’s 92nd birthday. All of this points, to me, to […]

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Amazing Stories is Back – Get Your Free Issue

We love Amazing Stories Magazine and were sad to learn of its demise in 2006. Fortunately, with some fresh blood, new passion and a revitalized approach, it looks like it may just have been a long hiatus. And it sounds mysterious and potentially exciting: “To make a long story short and to simultaneously avoid having […]

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Singularity & Co: Saving Out-of-Print Science Fiction

I just read about a very cool project, Save the Sci-Fi, from an outfit called Singularity & Co. If you love science fiction and mourn the idea of great stories quietly going into that big out-of-print light in the sky, I bet you’ll like it too. They’re asking for readers and science fiction lovers to […]

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Kubrick & Clarke: The Letter That Resulted in 2001:A Space Odyssey

Another great find from Letters of Note, this time of the science-fiction variety. In March 1964, legendary film director Stanley Kubrick (who by ’64 already had Lolita, The Killing and Dr. Strangelove under his belt, among others) wrote to also-legendary science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke (who had already been Hugo-nominated by then), proposing a […]

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