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Nothing to See Here: Code 451

XML programmer Tim Bray is submitting a Ray Bradbury-themed proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force (the governing body of new internet stuff) to create a new Hypertext Transfer Protocol status code. I’m sure you’ve all stumbled across a Code 404 (many of which are creative and funny) when you’ve clicked a link with an […]

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Seven Beautiful Faces of Fahrenheit 451

Slate put up a slideshow of some of the beautiful covers Fahrenheit 451 has seen over the years. Here are seven of my favorites for sale on the site. Strangely, I think I like the paperbacks best. That seems to be the way with science fiction, for me. Which is your favorite?

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Video: Ray Bradbury On Why We Need Books

The late, so great Ray Bradbury on why we need books, why we need art, why we need the fantasy and escape and imagination. There is also some fascinating information about the making of the film adaptation of The Illustrated Man. “We need artists. We need people like myself, who take hold of a piece […]

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Missing Ray Bradbury (August 22, 1920 – June 5, 2012)

Ray Bradbury, the master storyteller and legend of American literature, has died at the age of 91. The LA Times carries an interesting obituary. I adore Fahrenheit 451 (even the graphic novel version), and recently read and loved The Martian Chronicles for the first time.  I was struck by the detailed thought Bradbury had obviously […]

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Ace Books: Publishing Pioneers of Science Fiction

Anne McCaffrey, William Gibson, Ursula K. Le Guin – these prominent authors and many more owe a debt of gratitude to Ace Books. Founded in 1952, this pioneering publisher championed science fiction and helped bring talented young writers out of obscurity and into the spotlight. Many of their striking paperbacks have become favorite finds for […]

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2011 Nebula Award Winners

The Nebula Awards have been recognizing and rewarding greatness in science fiction writing since 1965. Nebulas are handed out by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America and their annual event celebrates the books of the previous year. The 2011 winners have just been announced: Novel Winner: Among Others by Jo Walton Novella Winner: […]

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The anti-aging novel – Trouble with Lichen by John Wyndham

Forgotten book of the day is Trouble With Lichen by John Wyndham – a little piece of science fiction published in 1960 that resonates quite strongly with today’s beauty and pharmaceutical industries. I love the understated title alone – no science fiction book would dream of having such a soft title these days. The novel […]

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Triffids rule on February’s most expensive sales

I am a fan of The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham and was thrilled to see a signed copy sell for $14,500 during February on AbeBooks. I read it after seeing the BBC adaptation in 1981. I loved the book and the TV series. It sounds crazy but Wyndham’s storyline works extremely well. […]

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E.M. Forster: science fiction visionary

Did you know author E.M. Forster predicted the digital age and the invention of the iPad in his 1909 science fiction story The Machine Stops? NPR had an interesting segment on our digital times and Forster’s vision for the future. His novella describes a society that is over reliant on technology and devices. Going out […]

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Blade Runner Sketchbook resurfaces online

The Blade Runner Sketchbook is one of the ultimate pieces of memorabilia for fans of the 1982 science fiction movie. The book details the look and feel of the film’s production artwork from simple props like Deckard’s gun to police cars and clothes. Some of the designs come from director Ridley Scott himself but also […]

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