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How to use a colonial era printing press

At the 2012 California Antiquarian Book Fair we met up with the International Printing Museum and they demonstrated how an old style printing press works. This miniature colonial-style printing press was actually made in 1976 but is a replica of what Benjamin Franklin would have used.

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E.M. Forster: science fiction visionary

Did you know author E.M. Forster predicted the digital age and the invention of the iPad in his 1909 science fiction story The Machine Stops? NPR had an interesting segment on our digital times and Forster’s vision for the future. His novella describes a society that is over reliant on technology and devices. Going out […]

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Soundtracks for ebooks

Technology marches on. Ebooks are going to have soundtracks. The days of a quiet read are over. Last week, the first so-called “enhanced ebook” was released in the UK – it was The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Speckled Band and it came complete with driving rain, thunderclaps and blood-curdling screams. It […]

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Electronic travel guides fail

In the seemingly constant ebooks vs. print books (I just can’t bring myself to call them pbooks) war the travel guide market was one battle which I was actually pretty confident that the electronic version would win out in. I really enjoy traveling, a lot. I like nothing more than setting myself down in a […]

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Book Killer

Warning – A real book dies in this video where an Associated Press journalist slices up a 1913 copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Somebody should pay this guy a visit.

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The wrong Neil

Here is a wonderful Twitter conversation between Neil Gaiman and a lady in the American Midwest, who thought Gaiman was the actor Neil Patrick Harris.

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AbeBooks is hiring

AbeBooks is hiring! If you are interested in a fast-paced working environment and want to surround yourself with energetic, innovative colleagues, and have experience in software development, software development management, online marketing management or quality assurance, then we would love to talk to you. You can learn more about our current jobs in our careers […]

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‘Death of the book’ predictions keep on coming

This man is wrong in so many ways. Physical books are far from doomed.

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What We Hide Behind Our Electronics

With the increasing move from physical books to e-readers, we’re gaining efficiency, tidiness, space – but what are we losing? For me at least, nosiness, joy, and excellent conversation.

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New AbeBooks feature: recently listed book search

Regular visitors to AbeBooks will be very familiar with our advanced search which helps customers search for very specific books on our site. We have just added a new feature to advanced search in order to help customers search for books that have just been listed for sale. Simply click on the button for books […]

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