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Don’t touch me!

Question: who would be the worst person in the world to give a second-hand book to? Click here for the answer.

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Holy Transformation! Batgirl was a Librarian!

Batgirl proves that librarians are NOT mousy!

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Kit Williams gets another boost from BBC

Back in July we reported that Kit Williams famous puzzle book Masquerade once again became a bestseller after various media outlets around the UK covered its 30th anniversary. Well it appears lightning can strike the same place twice. BBC4 just ran “The Man Behind The Masquerade”, which helped push Kit Williams into our top sellers […]

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Cloudy With a Chance of Murder

America’s most popular weatherman Al Roker tries his hand at murder?!?!

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Oprah nightmare for publishers

Oh the horror! If you look up towards the sky in Manhattan right now, you will see some very sad people dotted along the ever-so-high ledges of those massive media corporation buildings. Yes, just when book publishers thought life could not get any worse comes the news that Oprah Winfrey, the publisher’s best friend, will […]

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Stephenie Meyer’s “burned out on vampires”

Stephenie Meyer told Oprah on Friday that she’s “a little burned out on vampires.” Thanks, Stephenie – how do you think the rest of the world is feeling? We have 70 million copies of her Twilight books knocking around, Sookie Stackhouse sets all over the place, movies about vampires in every cinema, TV series about […]

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Duchess of York’s Financial Woes Resolved With Film Deal?

In the midst of reported financial woes, Sarah Ferguson signs a film deal for her popular children’s books.

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John Updike Comes to TV With ABC’s Eastwick

John Updike’s The Witches of Eastwick comes to TV with ABC’s Eastwick.

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Disney Acquires Marvel Comics

The Disney Corporation is buying comic giant, Marvel.

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Mr. Spock a Sex Symbol? Surprising Revelation from a Roddenberry Letter

Surprisingly, Mr. Spock was supposed to be the sex symbol of Star Trek.

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