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July’s Most Expensive Book Sales

Salman Rushdie’s 1980 book, Midnight’s Children, continues to fascinate readers and collectors. This tale of India’s transition to independence won the Booker Prize and appears on every list of must-read modern novels. Discover how much a rare uncorrected proof of the first UK edition sold for in July – and it was considerably north of […]

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Hunter S. Thompson’s Face on the US $100 Bill

Before Hunter S. Thompson died in 2005, the eccentric author and father of gonzo journalism could never have imagined his face would end up adorning the United States $100 bill. That’s because it never will, of course. Thompson was a wildly erratic, unpredictable and often extremely inappropriate individual who refused to bow to convention and […]

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What Type of Reader Are You?

Laura E. Kelly, a former executive in the editorial world of books and magazines, now resides mainly online, helping book industry types bridge the gap to the digital age. She created this infographic detailing some of the many species of booklovers. I see myself in many of these – but not near the bottom, of […]

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Collectible Lobby Cards from Film’s Golden Age

The delight of movie buffs everywhere, lobby cards are one of the more glamorous types of ephemera listed for sale on AbeBooks. Smaller than movie posters, lobby cards were first used in the early 20th century, to generate buzz and excitement about a new motion picture. Most typically glossy 8X10 on heavy card stock (as […]

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The 35 Worst Children in Literature

In the real world, we love kids. They’re one of the absolute best parts of life, and arguably, our purpose. They represent the future. And most children are lovely. Children can be innocent, inquisitive and the embodiment of hope. In the real world, that is. …but those characteristics make for boring stories. Authors need a […]

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Globe theatre to take Hamlet on all nation world tour

Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is planning an amazingly ambitious two year tour of the planet. The tour will begin April 2014 to mark the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth and will continue through until April 23rd 2016 to mark the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death. The theatre plans to visit every country on earth over […]

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Reading Around The World

A Year of Reading the World is a very interesting project by a blogger who wanted to read a book from every country in the world. This was admitted as being a fairly difficult project, not only because it involved reading over 190 books, but also because even the choice of who to include as […]

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Why We Abandon Books Before Finishing Them

One of the both joys and drawbacks of being an avid reader is the book pile. When it gets too low, we become anxious we’ll run out. When it gets too high, we become anxious we’ll never get through. There are books that we thoroughly enjoy and pass along, books we forget (or even resent […]

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George Orwell’s 110th Birthday Present

I love this (albeit a little late). Dutch artists Thomas voor‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle (who collectively call themselves Front404) pulled off a thought-provoking art installation in the city of Utrecht on June 25th. The day marked what would have been George Orwell’s 110th birthday. At a time when the world is more aware […]

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Behold, Austen Lovers: Mr. Darcy Emerging from the Lake

If you have ever seen the BBC adaptation of Pride & Prejudice starring Colin Firth (and if you haven’t, you really must – it is the best adaptation to many minds, mine included), you’ll remember the scene in which Darcy returns to Pemberley a day earlier than expected. It is a hot summer day, and […]

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