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Nothing to See Here: Code 451

XML programmer Tim Bray is submitting a Ray Bradbury-themed proposal to the Internet Engineering Task Force (the governing body of new internet stuff) to create a new Hypertext Transfer Protocol status code. I’m sure you’ve all stumbled across a Code 404 (many of which are creative and funny) when you’ve clicked a link with an […]

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Launched today: AbeBooks’ Guide to Book Collecting

Welcome to AbeBooks’ Book Collecting Guide – a new educational section of the website dedicated to helping you understand the basic elements of book collecting and the terminology of booksellers. Our guide covers everything from what to collect to caring for your book collection. The guide includes an in-depth glossary of book terms (full of […]

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AbeBooks.co.uk shines in Which? Magazine survey of online shopping sites

The November 2011 issue of Which? Magazine has just been published in the UK and it carries an in-depth review of the UK’s online shopping sites. If you don’t know Which?, it’s the UK’s leading consumer protection organization and highly respected for its work in consumer affairs. Which? surveyed 14,671 of its members about their […]

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BookFinder.com reveals 100 most sought-after out-of-print books

Our good friends at BookFinder.com have just released their annual insight into the 100 most popular out-of-print books of the year. Sometimes you can easily tell why a book is on there, such as with out-of-print Nora Roberts, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury works. For whatever reason the authors do not want these works re-printed […]

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The Great Gatsby NES Game

Someone found a copy of an old school 8-bit video game based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous book The Great Gatsby in a garage sale and have now transformed it into something you can play online. It’s a classic side scrolling game where you throw your hat to take out Wilfred, Dutchman, Flappers, and Boxcar […]

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The irrelevance of books

Nic Boshart, the digital services coordinator at the Association of Canadian Publishers, recently posted a very thought-provoking and urgent call for book publishers to be more open at The Literary Platform. [via Joe Clark] The closing of This Ain’t the Rosedale Library (one of then best independent bookstore in Canada, Toronto landmark, and Abebooks seller) got […]

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Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Carlos Ruiz Zafon is all over my inbox this morning. Currently he’s right in the middle of the UK interview circuit promoting his newest book The Prince Of Mist; he was in the Scotsman today slagging on British rain (not nearly as flashy as Spanish rain), and last week the Guardian squeezed some link bait […]

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Collector finds $10,000 book for $30 with AbeBooks’ Wants matching

A really great story about a book collector finding a hidden gem with AbeBooks Wants system was recently posted over at The Cimmerian. The book in question was a rare 1937 edition of A Gent from Bear Creek by Robert E. Howard, (better known for his Conan the Barbarian/Conan the Cimmerian series) and it seems […]

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Mensa’s Top 50 Websites for 2010 – Abe & the lolcats

This morning a friend in England told me AbeBooks is included on Mensa’s list of the top 50 websites for 2010. I clicked on the link and was thrilled to see AbeBooks listed alongside the giants of the Internet like Google Maps, IMDb, Wikipedia, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook and Amazon. But how can sites like Cake […]

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2010 Preview for Nora Roberts Fans

Nora Roberts has listed her upcoming titles for 2010.

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