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If Jane Austen Was On Facebook

Do you wonder what Pride & Prejudice could have looked like if Jane Austen had access to technology and social networking? Well wonder no more, thanks to Austenbook! Austenbook tells the classic tale of the Bennets and Mr. Darcy through Facebook news feeds.  If you’ve read Pride & Prejudice, or any other Austen book, the  […]

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A Wovel, and Choose Your Own Adventure Books

1. blog = short for “weblog”, an online journal, diary, or log. 2. web + novel = wovel, online prose published a bit at a time, so readers can read along. The term was coined by Victoria Blake, former editor at Dark Horse Comics (who distribute Joss Whedon’s amazing Buffy thr Vampire Slayer Season 8 […]

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Internet Writing Lands Book Deal

I’ve heard of a singer being discovered from a video posted on YouTube and now the literary equivalent has occurred.  Stuart Neville, a writer from Northern Ireland has signed a major book deal after a New York literary agent happened upon his work online. In fact, Neville has a deal for two books and his […]

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The Journal Hosting Webchat With Val McDermid

A couple of years ago, I was distracted from housework one Saturday afternoon by a show on the TV called Wire in the Blood. Now I admit that I am easily distracted from domestic chores and I do have a bit of a soft spot for the starring actor, Robson Green but it is a […]

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Can reading make you better doctor?

Check out this story about medical schools using literature like Virginia Woolf and Leo Tolstoy to help foster empathy and lower barriers between doctors and patients…they are calling it “narrative medicine” A second-year resident at Saint Barnabas, Dr. Benjamin Kaplan, had this to say about the effects of the program on his fellow residents, “Their […]

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Google Chrome comic in demand

We have noticed something rather interesting this week. People are searching AbeBooks for physical copies of the online comic used by Google to launch its new open source Internet browser, Google Chrome. “Google Chrome” is one of the most popular search terms on AbeBooks.com following Chrome’s launch on 1st September. The comic was created by […]

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Why all the long book titles?

The internet is at fault for the tsunami of obtusely long book titles that are washing onto our literary shores. The premise is that publishers wish to optimize their book titles for search engine results and so they are jamming as many key words into a title as they can, which means lots of colons […]

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Amazon to acquire AbeBooks

It’s been a big day here in the Pacific Northwest. Amazon, subject to closing conditions, has reached an agreement to acquire AbeBooks. The deal has to go through regulatory approval and is expected to close before the end of 2008. So what does that mean for AbeBooks.com? Well, firstly we’re going to continue as a […]

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A Million Penguins: Community writing project

Last year Penguin Books posed the question “Can a community write a novel?” What the publishing house proved was that an infinite number of monkeys may be able to bang out a workable rendition of Hamlet, but 1500 internet users don’t even come close. Gawker described the text as “terrible,” Here’s the opening paragraph The […]

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Choose your own Penguin adventure

Penguin has released the sixth of its experimental online stories, and it’s a Choose Your Own Adventure, all be it a more literary version written by Booker nominee Mohsin Hamid.

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