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10 Memorable, Unusual Cookbooks

Over all the years of book love, I’ve come across so many weird and wonderful books, from rare and collectible automobile repair manuals to children’s potty-training books to unimaginably beautiful books of art and everything in between. Some of my favorites have been cookbooks. Since we all eat, you’d think cookbooks would bring out our […]

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Armchair Fiction: Making Vintage Pulp a Priority

We’d like to take a moment to introduce AbeBooks bookseller Armchair Fiction. It’s no secret we at AbeBooks love retro pulp fiction, whether it comes in the form of monsters, dames, or any other. So it stands to reason that we just love Armchair Fiction and their work. The Medford, Oregon-based bookseller exists to keep […]

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A Handbook on Hanging by Charles Duff

If you’re in the mood for some scathing, dark and wickedly barbed satire, look no further – A Handbook on Hanging by Charles Duff will fit the bill nicely. First published in 1928, this slim volume is a withering condemnation of capital punishment and the bloodthirsty nation that condones the practice, disguised as a helpful […]

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Andy Warhol’s Index: The 1967 Pop-up Book for Hipsters

American pop artist Andy Warhol‘s glory days were the 1960s. Warhol was firmly ensconced in the New York art scene and had a decade of exhibitions and acclaim under his belt. Art-wise, he had already worked his way from shoe advertisements and silkscreened record album covers up to what he became best-known for: the iconic, […]

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Amazing Science Fiction Book Cover

Sometimes I find a book which won’t work for a feature, but is too great not to share. A science fiction novel featuring a velociraptor riding a porpoise, with a saddle, through a desert?  This must be shared.  My hat goes off to Peter Goodfellow, the illustrator. You can find more of his illustrations here

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The Seaweed Collector

While looking for good fodder for our wacky, fun and ever-growing Weird Book Room, I will often come across a book with a title or premise that seems weird at first, but then after a bit of delving, makes perfect sense. And in some cases, like today’s, the book turns out to be fascinating and […]

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Why Paint Cats? …and Other Weird Books

When is the last time you stopped by the Weird Book Room for a fix of literary oddities? Here’s a little something for you: these images are just a drop in the bucket of the many strange and fanciful photographs found in the weird book Why Paint Cats by Burton Silver and Heather Busch. There […]

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Cooking with Poo and Cooking with Pooh

Collectors of unusual cookbooks may wish to note that as of the writing of this post… We do not have any copies of Cooking with Poo: But we have several copies of Cooking with Pooh: That is all. Carry on.

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ULTRA LATEX: Exotic Rubber Fashions for Every Mood

I have to put up this amazing book ULTRA LATEX: Exotic Rubber Fashions for Every Mood quickly, because we only have one copy on the site, and it’s bound to sell quickly. Just take a gander at this. it’s from 1975. It says “for every mood”. while I think the mood of the others is […]

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