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Day 5 – Boe Rushing reports from Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

Boe Rushing reports from the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar – it’s day five. —- Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better today happens. I’ll keep it short because it is very late. Greg Gibson, the nautical specialist, gave the most touching talk of the seminar. After a discussion on auctions we had one. […]

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Day 4 – Boe Rushing reports from Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

Boe Rushing reports from the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar – it’s day four. ———————– Day four began with me realizing I have been living in a bubble for four days. The dorms where most of us are staying have no TVs and we’ve hardly been in our rooms anyway. It’s all books all the time. […]

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Naomi Sims’ books

I have been seeing much written about Naomi Sims, since her death from cancer at 61 earlier this week. The pioneering first black supermodel also wrote a number of books. All About Health and Beauty for the Black Woman How to Be a Top Model All About Success for the Black Woman Sims, who studying […]

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AbeBooks’ customer support staging open house on 29 July

Job-seekers interested in working for AbeBooks are invited to attend an open house being staged by our customer support department on Wednesday 29 July. As I am sure most people know, AbeBooks is an online marketplace for new, used, rare and out-of-print books. We are located in a fantastic office building close to downtown Victoria. […]

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Chinese Museum Honoring Migrant Literature Set to Open

Many of China’s migrant workers spend free time writing novels and poetry.

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Eloisa Cartonera – Using Cardboard to Create Books and to Help People

Eloisa Cartonera publishes the works of new and classic Latin American writers such Cesar Aira and Alejandro Lopez and purchases cardboard used in the books from the cartoneros. The cartoneros also paint and decorate the books.

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Publishing lay-offs

In my 19-year working career, I have only been made redundant once. “Please put your office key and company credit on the table, and you will need to leave the building within the next hour.” It was the entire office staff and we went to the pub at 11am. I wasn’t actually that upset as […]

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Victorian Farm: Rediscovering Forgotten Skills

Fans of the BBC2 reality series “Victorian Farm” will want to get their hands on the tie-in title, Victorian Farm: Rediscovering Forgotten Skills (also known as Tales From the Victorian Farm). Victorian Farm, a follow-up to the 2005 series Tales From the Green Valley which explored life on a 17th Century British farm,  follows archaeologists […]

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Tribulations of a Checkout Girl

Don’t get lippy with the checkout girl next time you are in the supermarket buying your groceries – she might be blogging about you or even putting it into a book. Great article in the Daily Telegraph about French checkout girl Anna Sam and her book Les Tribulations d’une Caissiere. By chronicling her experiences with […]

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The real Toad

The Independent sheds some light on Kenneth Grahame’s inspiration for Toad from Wind in the Willows. I could have told you that Toad was modelled on a pompous self-important bank manager.

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