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Beyond The Snow Leopard: Peter Matthiessen’s long legacy of fiction and non-fiction

Peter Matthiessen, one of America’s top writers in the past 60 years, died on Saturday at the age of 86. The Guardian carries an obituary. He had been suffering from Leukemia. Born in 1927, Matthiessen is remembered for co-founding The Paris Review literary magazine in the 1950s but he also enjoyed a long writing career […]

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The 5th Annual Galiano Literary Festival: Feb 21-23

Nestled among the Southern Gulf Islands on the coast of British Columbia, Galiano Island is home to birds, wildlife, and bibliophiles. Presented by Galiano Island Books, the fifth annual Galiano Island Literary Festival takes place February 21st-23rd, 2014 at the Galiano Oceanfront Inn and Spa. A gathering of some of British Columbia’s best writers, the […]

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The 75 Greatest Living Female Authors

Late last year we asked you, our loyal customers and keen bibliophiles, to name the greatest living female author. We knew J.K. Rowling would lead the votes after the final count, which she did by a country mile, but it was intriguing to see who would be next. In short, it was Canada who ran […]

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Rare spell books sell for $13,865 but beware of the curse

Just days before All Hallow’s Eve, two handwritten, spiral-bound books of spells have sold on AbeBooks.com for $13,865, but the buyer risks being cursed if they are not a believer in witchcraft.  The opening page of the first of the two grimoires (that’s a magical textbook) is inscribed with the haunting warning: “To those not […]

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Author Smack Talk: The Literary Diss

Perhaps it’s mean and base of me, but I really enjoyed this article that I found on The Examiner. It lists 50 examples of authors trash talking each other’s works.  Reading a highly articulate slam from one of the century’s greatest authors against another literary titan is something I find very amusing – perhaps because […]

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Shuswap Word on the Lake Festival 2013

If you are an aspiring or amateur writer in British Columbia you may want to keep the weekend of May 24 – May 26 open because Salmon Arm will become the province’s literary hot spot as the Shuswap Association of Writers presents the 10th annual Word on the Lake Readers and Writers Festival.  The festival […]

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Orange Prize Shortlist 2012

The shortlisted nominees for the 2012 Orange Prize have been announced.

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Ed Smith’s Luck

I’m probably going to have to read some of Ed Smith’s books sooner rather than later. The Guardian reviews his latest book, Luck: What It Means and Why It Matters – a key element for anyone who has made a living in professional sport. One of Smith’s aims is to challenge the view popularised by […]

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It narratives and anthropomorphism

Our latest Avid Reader newsletter is out. This time we address the subject of talking animals and objects, otherwise known as It narratives and anthropomorphism. This literary phenomenon covers many genres. We don’t hesitate for a second when a child’s toy or a rabbit or Dora’s backpack speaks and offers some words of wisdom. There’s […]

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A timeline of Dystopian fiction

Good Reads has built an infographic about Dystopian fiction – I’m sure you can guess why. Two words… Hunger…. Games.

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