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Gwyneth Paltrow denies her cookbook was ghostwritten

A week ago the NY Times ran an article about cookbook ghostwriters and movie star/cookbook author Gwyneth Paltrow has reacted with anger after the writer, claimed her book, My Father’s Daughter, was ghosted by Julia Turshen.

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The man who inspired Long John Silver

The Daily Telegraph writes on Robert Louis Stevenson and enlightened me regarding the inspiration for Long John Silver from Treasure Island – poet and journalist WE Henley. Henley was a friend of the author, and had a wooden leg and a booming personality. He also edited an edition of Robert Burns’ poetry and wrote an […]

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Literary Collaborations: Two Heads Are Better Than One

It can’t be easy. Writing is usually a solitary profession and yet collaborations between authors are easy to find. It was Good Omens when Neil Gaiman worked with Terry Pratchett – a better combination of funny and weird is near impossible to find. And of course, Stephen King and Peter Straub were a Talismanic combination. […]

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William Gay’s literary legacy

Author William Gay died last week at the age of 68 and USA Today writes about his career this morning. Gay was the son of Tennessee sharecroppers, and worked as a carpenter and drywall hanger, and yet was a talented writer. He didn’t get anything published until late in life. He wrote three novels – […]

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Top tips for writing love letters

If you are writing a love letter today for your Valentine, then please heed the advice of Hilary Mantel, Alain de Botton and Jeanette Winterson, who have each offered tips on this difficult art in the Telegraph. Recorded delivery is a no no according to Mantel. Trust the postman. Do not get her out of […]

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J.D. Salinger – Fighting for Privacy Even After Death

JD Salinger died two years ago. To date, no new writing has been revealed or released. The literary world seems frustrated, but do we have any right to be?

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The book about the Art of Fielding book

The Guardian explains how there was a book written about the book, The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. Isn’t that a prime example of post-modernism? The narrative of the book about the book — How a Book is Born: The Making of the Art of Fielding — tells a different tale. Written by Harbach’s […]

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Plotto: a book listing every possible plot

There is an interesting blog post from Brain Pickings which alerts me to a book from 1928 called Plotto by dime novelist William Wallace Cook, who attempted to list all possible book narratives and came up with 1,462. The book is back in the blogosphere because it has just been republished by Tin House, who […]

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Dave Eggers publishes short story on shower curtain

Dave Eggers, author of the most excellent Zeitoun and founder of McSweeney’s, is publishing a short story on a shower curtain. No, it’s not a reworking of Psycho by Robert Bloch. The ‘publisher’ is The Thing, a quarterly that issues objects that are art-related or literary. The story curtain costs $65 – it better be […]

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Untranslatable words

Maybe it’s because I’m hopelessly monolingual and firmly entrenched in an Anglophone sea (2,272 to Mexico and 4,354km to Quebec) that I find the notion of an untranslatable word so fun, I love that even with the English language’s bloated word count there are some things better said in the native tongue. So far my […]

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