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25 Random Things About Reading

Jade (via Margaret) of the Itzabitza blog compiled and posted this great list of 25 Random Things About Reading, reproduced below. A lot of it made me smile. 1. Reading about yawning makes you yawn. 2. Books used to be shelved “backwards” with the spine facing the back of the shelf and the fore-edge facing […]

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10 Facts About the Other Abe – Abraham Lincoln’s 200th Birthday

The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln was born 200 years ago tomorrow, on February 12, 1809. Here are Ten Fun facts About Lincoln. 10. Lincoln under-utilized his pockets Lincoln’s stovepipe top hat served as more than fashionable headwear. He used it to store and carry notes, letters, even bills. Why do they […]

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Bookmooch: Swapping Books Online

I recently (and reluctantly) went through my four bookshelves, determined to ruthlessly cull the ever-swelling collection and make a donation to the Times-Colonist Book Sale. It was no easy task. My mother uses a system for keeping books, which utilizes the following categories: Haven’t read yet, will definitely read again, will lend, significant value (sentimental […]

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Top Ten from the Pop of King: Stephen King Quotes

We don’t hate Stephen King around here, despite my colleague bagging on his book titles today. Recently, Stephen King was quoted as saying about bestselling mormon vampire romance author Stephenie Meyer: “Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.” I thought that was a pretty bold statement from a very famous public […]

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Greg Mortenson, Three Cups of Tea and the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Greg Mortenson’s inspiring book Three Cups of Tea has officially been nominated for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The book details Mortenson’s journey in Pakistan, beginning with his becoming sick and lost while climbing a mountain, and continuing with his building first a school, and then an institute, all with the goals of educating children […]

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Christian Bale Loses His Mind on Set

Christian Bale yells at a crew member, losing his mind and generally behaving all around shabbily.

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Neil Gaiman Vs. Neil Diamond: Can there be only one?

Whilst doing some harmless research on the internets today, I accidentally stumbled across a sinister realization: Neil Diamond and Neil Gaiman are the same person. Think about it – -Gaiman and Diamond practically rhyme. -Neil Gaiman wrote Coraline, and Neil Diamond wrote Sweet Caroline. -Neil Diamond sings Forever in Blue Jeans, and Gaiman wears the […]

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Eight (Ate!) Books That Make Me Hungry

To a foodie, a good food scene in a book is better than a good sex scene or car chase or whatever else. These are eight books (no cookbooks allowed) that give good food. 1.Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel Okay, this one’s a bit of a ‘gimme’. The whole book’s about food, after […]

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I Like Food, Food Tastes Good by Kara Zuaro

Looking for a unique, fun gift idea for someone in your life? Well, if that person likes to cook, and rock and/or roll, look no further. As soon as I heard it existed, I bought a copy of I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen With Your Favorite Bands by Kara Zuaro for […]

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Harry Potter and the Most Expensive Sales Ever

Behold, muggles and magicians alike! The new and improved List of Most Expensive Harry Potter Books Ever Sold on AbeBooks is here. From a whopping $37,000 for a first edition of Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone to a paltry sum of only $3,000 for a set of all seven American first editions, they’re all here. […]

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