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2008: A year in books in review

Ooooh, I’ve completed The Guardian’s 2008 book quiz. I got 17 out of 20, that’s my best ever score in a Guardian quiz. However, last week I researched and wrote this year in review article for AbeBooks so I was unusually well prepared for the tough questions thrown at me. Speaking of the year in […]

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Les Misérables – Court Case Ends & The Story Continues

A seven-year court battle between Victor Hugo‘s heirs and author, François Cérésa has ended with Cérésa being granted the right to publish sequels to the classic tale. Paris courts ruled that Les Mis is now in the public domain and therefore Cérésa has the right to continue the story of Cosette and her lover, Marius […]

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Kingsley Amis’ drinking books

The Guardian remembers Kingsley Amis’ drinking books. All three have now been combined into Everyday Drinking. Milk Punch (one part brandy, one part bourbon, four parts milk, plus nutmeg and frozen milk cubes) is ‘to be drunk immediately on rising, in lieu of eating breakfast.

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Malcolm Gladwell interviewed on success

I’m sitting here this morning looking at a Malcolm Gladwell interview in the Globe and Mail. Outliers: The Story of Success is his new book. I’m sure it will sell in huge quantities just like Tipping Point and Blink. Everyone is obsessed with succeeding. Clearly, some of it is utter rubbish. Can you explain why […]

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R.L. Stine interview

Shelf Awareness interviews R.L. Stine – author of the Goosebumps series. On your nightstand now: The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry, The Girl of His Dreams by Donna Leon, Liberty by Garrison Keillor, Walking Shadow by Robert B. Parker. Favorite book when you were a child: Pinocchio. The original was very violent and alarming. Your […]

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Beer and books

Pairing books with beers. Ales lend themselves well to vigorous literature–adventures, thrillers, spy novels, horror, serious science fiction, and hard-boiled mysteries. Several types of modern, quasi-classic British mysteries featuring the ever-expanding class of brooding Detective Inspectors (Inspector Wexford; Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley; Susannah Stacey’s Inspector Bone) also taste great with ale, as do light comedic […]

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Gomorrah author Roberto Saviano to flee Italy after mob threats

Roberto Saviano’s book, Gomorrah : Italy’s Other Mafia, has sold over one million copies in Italy alone and now the author is fleeing the country after repeated death threats. “I want a life. I want a home. I want to fall in love. I want to [be able to] drink a beer in public, go […]

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Booker Prize Quiz

The Guardian has posted another one of its super hard book quizzes’, this time about past Booker Prizes… I always do terribly on these and this time was no exception, scoring six out of 12.

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F Scott Fitzgerald Movie

News reports this morning claim that actress Keira Knightley is in negotiations to play the role of Zelda Fitzgerald, the wife of legendary Jazz Age author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The role would be in an upcoming film scheduled to begin shooting next April as a biopic about the life and times of the famous author. […]

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