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Tag Archives: libraries

What the Scots Are Reading – Top 10 Books Borrowed From Scottish Libraries

I’ve recently discovered the televised Inspector Rebus series here in Western Canada on the Knowledge Network and am suitably impressed. That’s why an article on BBC regarding the most-borrowed books from Scottish libraries caught my attention -  One of Ian Rankin‘s Inspector Rebus books, The Naming of the Dead tops the list. The top ten […]

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The millionaire book thief

The story of the day is from the UK’s Daily Mail…. A multi-millionaire businessman is facing jail for stealing hundreds of pages from rare ancient books worth £500,000 to store in his personal book collection. Iranian-born Farhad Hakimzadeh, 60, expertly cut the pages from treasured travel chronicles stored at the British Library in London and […]

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Choreographed bookcart dancing by librarians

The funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

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A library ghost called Lola

Haunted libraries – there’s a ghost called Lola in a Connecticut library! Bridgeport Public Library. Some library staff members say they have encountered a ghost in the 6th or 7th floor stacks near the historical materials in this 1927 building. The entity, which they have nicknamed Lola, is said to be friendly and helps find […]

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America’s best libraries

The one in Seattle looks like a football stadium.

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Jay Walker’s library

Imagine having a library like this one?

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Librarianz N the Hood

Cornell Library’s Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections is going big on hip hop and rap music. The founding materials in Cornell’s hip hop collection were the gift of collector and author Johan Kugelberg. Materials in the collection form the basis for the book Born in the Bronx: a Visual Record of the Early Days […]

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Overdue for an arrest

Wisconsin police are cracking down hard on people who don’t return their library books. Question – of all the books to not return, why hang on to two Dan Brown books?

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Video games and books

The Chicago Tribune reports on how librarians are mixing video games in with the books to sneakily encourage those teenage gamers to become interested in books. Here are a few suggestions from me…. Grand Theft Auto with American Pyscho by Bret Easton Ellis Guitar Hero with Rock Star by Jackie Collins Mario with The Godfather […]

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Shock! Horror! Students use library!

Some British authors and historians have stopped complaining about the declining number of readers and the death of the book just long enough to draw a breath and start complaining about something new. The British Library has put a real cramp in their life by, and please try to contain your anger upon hearing this, […]

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