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Cheap textbooks for school

Textbooks anyone? Here’s a reminder for North America’s students that school is just around the corner (as if you didn’t know it) and AbeBooks.com has your textbook needs covered. While the fall semester tends to slowly creep up after that long summer holiday, the spring semester arrives like an express train. I know there is […]

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Textbook buyback now in Canada

We are very excited to now offer textbook buyback to students in Canada. Being Canadians ourselves we know the pain of offers not being extended north of the 49th parallel! In the same way that checking online prices can help you save money when buying textbooks, checking the online buyback prices for textbooks is another […]

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Textbook Buyback in the UK

We have officially launched our textbook buyback service for the United Kingdom which is a way for students to instantly sell their textbooks online in the same way that they buy books. Students simply enter the ISBNs of any books they wish to sell on AbeBooks.co.uk’s buy-back page and they are instantly offered a competitive […]

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Textbook Buyback on AbeBooks

So while you’re looking to buy textbooks for your upcoming semester why not check and see if any of your old books are worth selling? Just because your school wouldn’t want to buy your textbooks back doesn’t mean that they are worthless. AbeBooks textbook buyback is on a national scale, so even if your local […]

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Peak time for textbook buying

Most students are gearing up to head back to class in two weeks which means it’s a busy time here at AbeBooks HQ. This week is when the largest number of students will go online and search for the textbooks they need for the coming year. AbeBooks recieves upwards of 90 searches per second from […]

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What students want, cheap used textbooks

AbeBooks recently conducted a student textbook survey and with just over 1500 students responding I thought the results were fairly interesting. According to the survey most students spend between $200-400 on their textbooks for one year, but an astounding 29% spend over $600 on textbooks alone. Another interesting fact is that 23% of the students […]

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Save money on textbooks

I wish I knew about AbeBooks and buying online when I was in university. I did what I could to stretch my budget but a good source for used books would have been so valuable, I did learn a few tricks that might be helpful for students today. Ask the professor if an old edition […]

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Tips for Buying Cheap Textbooks

Tips For Buying Cheap Textbooks 1. Ask your profs to supply reading lists as early as possible, many of them have websites or blogs and a quick email could save you hundreds. 2. Compare AbeBooks prices to the bookstore prices, this will ensure you have found the cheapest textbooks and let you copy the ISBN […]

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Win a Wii, last chance

Our contest to win a free Nintendo Wii ends in one week, remember all you have to do is fill our student textbook survey. Its about 10 questions long and should take about five minutes. So head over to our textbooks page and take the survey!

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For the biggest textbook savings, buy early

Over the next few weeks we are going to be posting tips to help students find the cheapest textbooks on AbeBooks. Today I want to explain why the early bird gets the cheapest textbooks. Just like with your local collage bookstore the cheapest books on AbeBooks are the used textbooks. These used textbooks are often […]

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