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Item Description: 1964. Couverture rigide. Book Condition: Bon. Dust Jacket Condition: Bon. Livre d'occasion In-8 reliure éditeur pleine toile bordeaux, titre doré au dos, X-284 pp., 25 ill. et fig. dans le texte ou h.-t., bibliogr., index. Sommaire : PAPERS : John Chadwick, Pylos Tablet Un 1322. - Heinz Geiss, Some Remarks on PY Jn 725 and Other Texts. - Mabel Lang, Es Proportions. - William F. Wyatt, Jr., Remarks on Professor Lang's Paper, "Es Proportions". - Carlo Gallavotti, Le grafie del wau nella scrittura micenea. - Carlo Gallavotti, Some Pylian Inscriptions Compared. - Fred W. Householder, A Morphophonemic Question and a Spelling Rule. - Michel Lejeune, Sur quelques termes du vocabulaire economique mycenien. - Michel Lejeune, Observations sur l'ideogramme. - Vladimir Georgiev, Mycenaean among the Other Greek Dialects. - Antonio Tovar, On the Position of the Linear B Dialect. - Saul Levin, Greek and Non-Greek Inflextions in Linear B. - Saul Levin, Further Remarks. - Jaan Puhvel, Eleuther and Oinoatis: Dionysiac Data from Mycenaean Greece. - Jaan Puhvel, The Indo-European and Mycenaean Perfect Active Participles. - Henry M. Hoenigswald, Mycenaean Augments and the Language of Poetry. - Cyrus H. Gordon, Notes on Linear A. - Carl W. Blegen, The Palace of Nestor: Excavations of 1961. - John L. Caskey, Excavations in Keos, 1961. - J. Walter Graham, The Relation of the Minoan Palaces to the Near Eastern Palaces of the Second Millennium. - William A. McDonald, Overland Communications in Greece during LH III, with Special Reference to Southwest Peloponnese. - Emmett L. Bennett, Jr., The Find-Spots of the Pylos Tablets. - Appendix : The Wingspread Convention : Syllabarii Mycenaei Transcriptio. - Ideogrammatum Scripturae Mycenaeae Transcriptio. - Notae Diacriticae in Edendis Textibus Mycenaeis Minoicisque. - Select Bibliography. - General Works Abbreviated . - The Linear B Syllabary and its Transcription. - The Linear B Ideograms and their Transcription. - The Leiden System. - Index to Mycenaean Words. Condition : Dos passé, pl. lég. jaunies, bonne condition. 700g. Livre d'occasion. Bookseller Inventory # 509439

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Nestor, Saul

Published by Ortiz


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Item Description: Ortiz. BOOK. Book Condition: New. *Portuguese Edition. Conditon: New. Ed. Ortiz. 0. 0. 0. 0gs. Theme: Ciencias Sociais. Standard delivery time 10 business days. Great Customer Service!. Bookseller Inventory # DINA2860001

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