Thousands of booksellers in more than 50 countries already sell their books via the AbeBooks sites and you could join them. Becoming a bookseller on the AbeBooks marketplace is easy and affordable - our monthly subscription fees start at US $25 per month.

Launched in 1996, AbeBooks has six sites dedicated to North America, the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, and we will offer your books to buyers around the world.

  • You have the freedom to set book prices and shipping rates.
  • You are paid weekly via electronic funds transfer.
  • We offer first-class Customer Support.
  • You receive a customizable Storefront.
  • We offer a free inventory management software called HomeBase.

Listing on multiple marketplaces? Consider FillZ - a web-based, multi-marketplace inventory and order management service. (Additional fees apply.)

Joining our online marketplace is easy - you just require an AbeBooks buyer account to begin our registration process. You should also have ready:

  • Your contact information including the name of your bookselling business, a phone number, an address and an email address.
  • Your credit card (for subscription fees)
  • Your bank information (for payments from AbeBooks)
  • Your tax information (eg EIN, SSN, VAT, or GST)
  • A description of your bookselling business and the types of books you will offer.

Please consider how you will upload books to AbeBooks. Once you have submitted your application, an AbeBooks representative will call you.

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Welcome to Bookselling on AbeBooks