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Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries

To celebrate its 70th birthday, Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries is pleased to offer a 25% discount on all used, out-of-print and antiquarian stock as well as free worldwide shipping until December 15th.

Established in 1940, Kennys Bookshop in Galway Ireland features seven Kennys working in this family business, so you can be sure of great service. Kennys was the second bookshop in the world to go online and today has some 140,000 books listed on AbeBooks.

Kennys specializes in all things Irish, but also carry a substantial collection of books on peace, war, revolution and many other genres.

**Thank you for your interest - this sale is now closed **

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Sample What's On Offer

A Book of Dublin: Official Handbook by Bulmer Hobson

A Book of Dublin: Official Handbook
Bulmer Hobson

A 1930 paperback covering local history, Dublin, history and tourism.

Sale Price: $70.00

My Twentieth-Century Night-Life by Padraic Fiacc

My Twentieth-Century Night-Life
Padraic Fiacc

An anthology of Fiacc's prose writings.

Sale Price: $16.00
Cardigan Boy by John Kerr

Cardigan Boy

John Kerr

A love story set in Ireland during World War II.

Sale Price: $25.00
Irish Miles by Frank O'Connor

Irish Miles
Frank O'Connor

A 1947 paperback first edition copy.

Sale Price: $65.91
The Enemies of Love by Maurice Lindsay

The Enemies of Love
Maurice Lindsay

This signed, first edition contains the best of Lindsay's poems in English.

Sale Price: $93.00