We continue to uncover timely and accurate consumer insights using a variety of methods from web site analytics, to on-site surveys, observational research and in-person interviews. These insights are vital to our marketing success, whether its confirming a hunch, uncovering a new method of engaging customers, or identifying a gap in our process.

Web site analytics Through our partner, Coremetrics, we track and analyze everything from monthly web site visits to the number of first time visitors from Boise, Idaho, coming to Abebooks via Google, who bought a first edition Hemingway.

Consumer Research We conduct proprietary research on a regular basis via on-site and email surveys to uncover customer insights. We also work with partners like ForeSee Results to conduct third-party research of prospects to uncover insights that will help us understand where to find high quality new customers.

We supplement and validate these insights with studies from partners like BISG, Shop.org, and Forrester Research.