Armed with consumer insights gathered from a blend of web site analysis and consumer research, the team is continually testing and optimizing merchandising strategies designed to increase sales. From subtle User Interface changes to promotions like Free Shipping on the homepage and fresh content in the Rare Book Room, everything is tested, tracked and optimized.

We welcome your suggestions and input. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas.

Textbooks Textbooks - Textbooks is an area of much growth, and through continued testing and effort, our most recent textbook seasons have been our most successful yet, with traffic and sales at all-time highs. Online initiatives and contests have increased our ongoing engagement with students through sign-up for our student newsletter. Cross-merchandising related textbooks in our Textbooks area promotes the sale of multiple items per order. We are also continuously working to improve and promote the BuyBack program which encourages students to return to AbeBooks throughout the school years to both buy and sell textbooks.
Bookseller Promotion

Bookseller Promotions – From partnering with booksellers to promote items on our Best Buy page, to interviewing booksellers for feature pages, to keeping our Rare Bookseller Directory up-to-date, we consistently endeavor to work with our booksellers to showcase different types of books in new and creative ways for the best user experience possible. A recent campaign in which we promote sales for selected booksellers willing to offer discounts on their inventory has proved successful and mutually beneficial.

If you have an idea for an exciting promotion featuring your store, please contact us.

The Avid Collector E-mail Marketing – Our Marketing team thrives on challenges and opportunities for growth, and one of the strongest areas is currently the field of email marketing. More accurate targeting of email recipients, creative, dynamic, bookish content and more precise measurement of results have helped us increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the emails we send, while not sacrificing the quality of the subject matter within. At trade shows and book fairs, we often hear that people love receiving our emails and enjoy them, and we like it that way.
Coupons – Launched to much anticipation in 2007,. coupons have become a regular part of the AbeBooks marketing mix, and will continue to be paid for entirely by AbeBooks to support sales of our independent bookseller community. They have proven to be a successful tool in keeping buyers browsing and buying, as well as bringing customers back to the site after a lapse.
Landing Pages – AbeBooks is continuously testing and revising the pages our customers visit from search engines or from our homepage. For example, we frequently update regional pages for Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and more, while creating many new landing pages on various topics to ensure AbeBooks is easily found by search engines when buyers search for books.