10. Performance Standards and Code of Conduct

AbeBooks monitors bookseller performance in order to ensure customer satisfaction. AbeBooks uses order fulfillment percentages, returns rates and the Code of Conduct to outline the expected standards of Bookseller participation with AbeBooks.

a. Performance Standards

  i.  Completion

Completion rate is based on order completion, calculated by the number of ordered items minus the number rejected and returned, divided by the total number of ordered items.

The minimum required standards for Completion are:

  1. Sellers with 1 million or more listings online: 96% or better
  2. Sellers with less than 1 million listings online: 90% or better

Completion rate is calculated based on a rolling six month period, updated on the 1st and 15th of every month. Booksellers who consistently maintain a Completion rate below the minimum standards above may have their AbeBooks account suspended or closed at our discretion.

  ii.  Return Rate

Sellers who receive more than 120 orders per year are required to maintain an annual return rate of 5% or less. Booksellers who consistently exceed the maximum 5% return rate may have their account suspended or closed at AbeBooks' discretion. Return rates over shorter time periods, as well as those for sellers with fewer than 120 orders per year, will also be monitored closely and are also subject to this policy, at AbeBooks' discretion.

Return reasons included in the return rate calculation are:
a. Item did not arrive
b. Item was damaged
c. Item not as described
d. Incorrect item delivered
e. Bookseller accepted order in error

b. Code of Conduct Process

Booksellers found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct as well as the policies included in this document can expect the following actions:

  i . Notification of Complaint - for a specific issue
    •  Bookseller will be given the opportunity to respond and resolve the issue.
    •  Non-response to AbeBooks may result in an automatic refund being issued.
    •  Account suspension or closure may also result, depending on the severity of the violation.
    •  AbeBooks reserves the right to cause payment to be withheld if an account is under investigation for a Code of Conduct violation.

c. Responses to Inquiries
Booksellers are required to respond to both pre-purchase and post-purchase buyer inquiries within 2 business days. They are also required to respond to e-mails from AbeBooks staff members within 2 business days. Quick response times provide better customer service, prevent returns, and resolve issues with your account.

d. Specific Code of Conduct Violations
Listing inaccurate, incorrect, or incomplete book information or descriptions (including ISBNs) resulting in the misrepresentation of inventory.
Non-shipment of book orders within two days of processing
Rejection of orders based on shipping location
Non-response to AbeBooks Customer Service staff inquiries
Charging a restocking fee
Selling promotional items - any goods that are distributed, free of charge, for the purpose of advertising an event or good, such as a movie, book, etc. Promotional items can include un-proofed copies, posters, etc. The publisher, author or producer of the event or good usually distributes these items and may contact AbeBooks or the bookseller to request these items not be sold. If this occurs, AbeBooks requires these items to be removed from sale immediately
Unclear pricing - descriptions include instructions to contact seller for pricing details or to negotiate a price (even though the book does have a valid price attached to it)
Stealing bookseller information (such as copying pictures and images, or plagiarizing descriptions, from other booksellers' listings)
Redirection of orders in any manner
Overcharging buyers without their written permission.
Not offering a refund for incorrectly described books
Not processing a refund for returned books
Listing stolen items
Abusive to client or AbeBooks staff (also see Bookseller Customer Support Policy, section 13)
Threatening or abusive language or attempts to intimidate AbeBooks staff, fellow booksellers, or buyers
Derogatory language
Racial slurs/remarks
Inclusion of personal or political commentary that may be considered defamatory in book descriptions
Inclusion of political or religious promotional items within book shipments
Running contests, lotteries, or other prize offerings
Attempting to manipulate search results by any method (includes attempts to manipulate Want matching)