12. Bookseller Customer Support Policy

AbeBooks pledges to offer efficient, friendly customer service to all AbeBooks Customers. This document details the customer service policies of AbeBooks Customer Support, North America.

a. Types of Support
AbeBooks offers booksellers telephone support via a toll-free number from 8 AM to 4 PM (Pacific time) Monday to Friday. Telephone support is unavailable on British Columbia statutory holidays. Our toll-free bookseller support number in North America is 800-315-5335; international (not toll-free at this time) is 206-508-4035.

The North American office supports clients in North and South America, Eastern Asia, and Oceania. AbeBooks offers support in English in the North American office.

The European bookseller support number is 49-(0) 211-7117069-0. International booksellers (outside of North America) also have the option of requesting a “Call Back” through the “Contact AbeBooks” section of Bookseller Help Central.

The European office supports clients in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia. AbeBooks offers support in German, French and English in the European office.

To help us serve our booksellers better, they should be prepared to quote the e-mail address that they use to sign on to their bookseller account when they call.

Regular and frequent callers: AbeBooks reserves the right to limit the frequency and duration of calls
AbeBooks does not accept orders over the telephone
AbeBooks is unable to accept requests for support via fax or by regular mail

b. How to Contact AbeBooks
AbeBooks offers e-mail support for both booksellers and book buyers. Booksellers who e-mail AbeBooks at sellertech@abebooks.com (North America), booksellers@abebooks.com (Europe) or info@abebooks.co.uk (UK) will usually receive a response within 24 hours on business days. During times of exceptionally high volume, please be aware that first response time may be delayed.

To ensure a prompt response, booksellers should not send multiple e-mails per issue. Doing so will add to the volume of outstanding questions and result in delayed responses.
Booksellers should not include important information in the Subject line of their e-mail messages. The program that delivers messages to us removes the Subject line. The subject line should be included within the body of the e-mail.
Messages should be sent to us using the e-mail address registered with the bookseller account. If a different e-mail address is used, we may not be able to determine whether the e-mail came from a bookseller, or if the contact has an account with AbeBooks. If we cannot find the correct account, we will have to respond asking for more information in order to identify the bookseller and it will take longer for the problem to be resolved.

c. Information Required when Contacting AbeBooks
In order to serve our booksellers efficiently, AbeBooks may require some or all of the following information. The following information should be ready when a bookseller calls, or it should be included in the e-mail:

The nature of the problem (For example: Trouble uploading books through HomeBase)
When the problem originated, and how long it has persisted
Steps taken prior to the problem occurring
The exact text of any error messages that may have been displayed on the computer
Any recent changes to the computer's hardware, operating system, software, or settings

d. What do we Support
AbeBooks will provide support for the following products and services:
Functions and processes on our Web sites
Existing and proposed AbeBooks program rules and regulations
Technical issues reported by users on our Web site
Technical support of AbeBooks HomeBase software and PricePartner software


In order to provide timely responses to all of our Customers, AbeBooks does have some limitations on what we can support. The following products and services are not supported:
Orders made directly with a bookseller, outside of the AbeBooks ordering system
3rd party software or hardware
Functionality or technical problems associated with a computer or operating system
Technical training on the use of a computer
Recommendations on upgrading computer hardware


To assist booksellers with questions about computer or other common hardware or software, we recommend the following links:


Windows or Internet Explorer
Macintosh computers
AOL related issues and functions
Symantec Norton personal firewalls
McAfee firewalls


e. AbeBooks' Expectations of Booksellers
To effectively manage books and orders on AbeBooks, we require that booksellers have basic knowledge of how to use a computer and the Internet, including basic file management (folders, cut, copy, paste, search, desktop) and Web site navigation.

All Customers who phone or e-mail AbeBooks Customer Support will be treated in a professional, courteous manner. AbeBooks understands that technical troubles and interruptions to a bookselling business may be stressful and upsetting; however we require that all booksellers treat AbeBooks staff with courtesy and respect at all times, and adhere to all Bookseller Policies.