5. Processing Your Orders

The timely processing of orders will ensure customer satisfaction by avoiding cancelled or returned orders.

a. All Orders Require Processing
A variety of payment methods (including credit cards) may be used by buyers to purchase on our Web sites. All orders require processing via the AbeBooks Web site. An order cannot be processed more than once. If an order has been updated, the status cannot be changed except to process a Return. Although AbeBooks orders expire after 4 days, we recommend processing and shipping all orders within 48 hours.

Program Time limit: Reminder: Action:
AbeBooks (e-commerce) 4 days After 3 days Expired, buyer notified
AbeBooks (bookseller direct) 4 days After 3 days Auto-Availability confirmed, buyer notified


b. Reporting Suspected Fraudulent Orders
All incidents of suspected fraud should be reported immediately to AbeBooks Customer Support. We will investigate and record all cases of suspected fraud. Please review the Security section on Bookseller Central for more information on fraud recognition and prevention.

AbeBooks’ role in the transaction of Seller Direct purchases is that of transmission of the information only. Booksellers who choose to use Seller Direct payment methods are responsible for verifying the validity of each payment. AbeBooks fraud protection applies only to credit card transactions processed by our external payment service provider and is based on the information received in the AbeBooks checkout.

c.Buyer Updates to Order Information
If a buyer contacts a bookseller requesting changes to any details as provided during the checkout, AbeBooks is not responsible for chargebacks that may be caused if the bookseller ships the order with the new information.

d. Purchasing on Behalf of Buyers
Any bookseller who uses a customer’s credit card to make a purchase on the customer’s behalf must have the written permission of the cardholder and must comply with the Terms of Use defined by the credit card company. If the cardholder initiates a chargeback on such a purchase, the bookseller will be billed the cost of the chargeback.