6. Shipping Orders

Successful and timely delivery of orders ensures repeat buyers. We require that booksellers process and ship all orders within 48 hours of receipt. Please note, AbeBooks may request proof of shipment from time to time for quality assurance purposes.

a. Choosing the Appropriate Shipping Method
Booksellers are required to ship books using a method intended to deliver the book in the timeframe quoted to the buyer. Responsibility for undelivered items lies with the bookseller, therefore we recommend shipping with a carrier that provides signature confirmation whenever it's available for the buyer's country.

b. Ensuring Safe Delivery of Orders
We recommend that booksellers package orders securely to avoid damage. The bookseller is responsible for the condition of the book when it is delivered to the buyer. Insuring orders protects the bookseller if the item is lost or damaged in transit. Signature delivery confirmation protects the bookseller should an order fail to arrive.

c. International Shipping
AbeBooks offers a global service for listing and purchasing books online. Booksellers are expected to process all orders regardless of origin. Booksellers who reject orders based on their origin will see their completion rate decline. The AbeBooks Performance Standards state that booksellers are required to maintain a completion rate of 90%. Those booksellers who choose to reject international orders risk removal from the AbeBooks Web sites.

d. Multiple Ship-from Locations
Booksellers are permitted to have multiple ship-from locations for their account as long as the following conditions are met: All returns must be accepted at the address listed in the account information; the bookseller's Shipping Terms should list all of their ship-from locations; individual listings should indicate where the book will be shipped from; and the shipping matrix should reflect the longest possible shipping time from any of the shipping locations. Including tracking details on all orders is highly recommended, and in some cases AbeBooks may require a bookseller to use tracking for their shipments. Booksellers might also consider opening a unique account for each ship-from location.