9. Your Account

Booksellers are required to keep their account information up to date at all times. AbeBooks and its external payment service provider have the right to cause payment to be withheld to accounts with incomplete or inaccurate account information.

a. Account Closure
Booksellers may close their accounts at any time. The account will be reverted into buyer status with the same e-mail address and password. Buyers can search for books, make purchases and list up to 500 wants free of charge.

We require any outstanding balances to be paid, and unresolved Returns to be finalized and refunded. Booksellers whose accounts are not up to date will continue to receive invoices from AbeBooks. Subscriptions fees are billed for an entire month and are not prorated.

A bookseller with a closed account who wishes to return as an AbeBooks bookseller must re-submit a bookseller application under the previously existing account, unless there is a valid and verifiable reason to open a new account instead.

b. Valid Contact Information
AbeBooks relies on e-mail to communicate information to booksellers. It is vital that booksellers keep their e-mail functioning at all times and check it on a regular basis.

Booksellers must keep their account information current. This includes the mailing address, valid and personal contact name, phone number, banking information, homepage, and credit card details for payment. Valid contact information is necessary so both buyers and AbeBooks can contact our booksellers.

c. Responding to E-mail
Booksellers are required to respond to all queries, including those from potential buyers and AbeBooks staff, within two business days.

d. Payment to Booksellers
AbeBooks will cause payments to be made for book cost and shipping for orders where payment is made by credit or debit card. As an Internet-based company, AbeBooks seeks to conduct business in a cost-effective manner by using electronic means wherever possible. Setting up Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is the most efficient way for booksellers to receive payments. All booksellers should provide EFT information using the [Your personal information] link on the Members Menu.

EFT is fast and convenient as the funds are sent from our external payment service provider to the bookseller’s bank. The bookseller’s bank then puts the money into their account. Booksellers will not have to wait for checks to arrive or worry they may be delayed in the mail. EFT can only be used to deposit funds; AbeBooks cannot cause money to be removed from a bookseller's bank account without their permission. As most financial institutions now administer a fee for cashing checks, having automatic EFT saves booksellers money.

Payment by EFT is required for the following countries, and no checks will be issued to sellers located in these jurisdictions:

New Zealand


Booksellers in these countries must provide banking information.

AbeBooks may add countries to the list as EFT services become available. Booksellers will be notified and given 30 days to provide banking information.

Booksellers residing outside of these countries will be paid monthly by check, in US funds. A bookseller may consider opening a bank account in one of the above countries in order to receive regular automatic payments. Booksellers who fall under the AbeBooks European Agreements will be paid in Euros (EUR) or Great Britain Pounds (GBP).

Please note, returned checks and failed EFTs are subject to service fees.

Booksellers are responsible for ensuring banking information associated with their account is kept up to date.

All orders within a given week will be included in the next Friday's Account Settlement Moment (ASM). Booksellers will be notified on that same Friday of the payment total to be deposited into their account. The funds will then be released to the seller's bank the following Friday, and then the bookseller's bank’s own schedule will determine the date the funds appear in the seller's account. Payments will be reduced by any applicable commissions and payment service fees

The Payment Schedule is a guideline only. Payment days are subject to change.