AbeBooks is an online marketplace for new, used, rare, and out-of-print books, with a virtual inventory of millions of books. Thousands of booksellers from many countries list their books on the AbeBooks sites.

• AbeBooks has high traffic sites, with millions of people visiting each month
• Customers perform millions of book searches on the AbeBooks Web sites each day
• The AbeBooks websites are: www.abebooks.com, www.abebooks.co.uk, www.abebooks.fr, www.abebooks.de, www.abebooks.it, www.iberlibro.com, Fillz.com, www.Gojaba.com, www.BookFinder.com, www.justbooks.de, www.justbooks.co.uk, www.justbooks.fr and www.justbooks.nl.
• The AbeBooks blog Reading Copy is a daily source of company and book-related news.

Corporate Information

• The company was founded in 1995, and the AbeBooks.com site was launched in 1996
• European leader JustBooks GmbH was acquired in October 2001
• AbeBooks currently has 135 employees in Canada, USA, and Germany
• Spanish antiquarian and rare book marketplace Iberlibro.com was purchased by AbeBooks in October 2004
• Price comparison shopping service BookFinder.com was acquired in November 2005.
• Book inventory and order management company FillZ was acquired in February 2006.
• AbeBooks took a 40% stake in Librarything.com - a book cataloguing and social networking site in May 2006.
• In February 2008, AbeBooks launched Gojaba.com - a new no-frills, low-cost online marketplace for used, rare and out of print books in emerging markets. Sweden and Russia were the first markets to be served.
• Online bookstore provider Chrislands.com was acquired in April 2008
• Amazon.com Inc acquired AbeBooks in December 2008.


How AbeBooks Works

• All transactions occur between buyer and seller; AbeBooks never sees the book (a “low touch” model similar to Ebay)
• Revenue comes from three sources:
1. Monthly subscription fees that booksellers pay to list their books on AbeBooks (i.e. a bookseller with 0-500 titles pays US$25 a month)
2. A sales commission of 8% is charged on the total item value of the order (book plus shipping).
3. Payment service fees applied to Visa and MasterCard orders as AbeBooks accepts payment (5.5% on each book sold plus shipping)


Richard Davies, PR & Publicity Mgr., AbeBooks.com
Office Ph: 250-412-3238