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Downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader


The PDF (Portable Document Format) file type allows users to view documents with text, images, links, font styles and layout intact. The PDF format is viewable on all operating systems and results in consistent presentation as intended by the author. PDF files are becoming mainstream in government, major institutions and businesses to communicate important information. Abebooks uses the PDF format for shipping manifest documents and some Help documentation.

Special software is necessary to view documents in PDF format. Adobe offers a free PDF program for viewing PDF documents called “Acrobat Reader.” Users can download Adobe Acrobat Reader from their Web site, and are required to agree to Adobe’s software licensing agreement. These instructions explain how to complete the download and installation of the Adobe Acrobat Reader on the MS Windows operating system. Adobe Acrobat Reader for Apple Macintosh Computers can be downloaded from Adobe directly.

1. To begin download of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program for Windows, please click the link below:

Get Acrobat Reader!    (This link will open in a new window.)

2. In the window that pops up, click the [Get Acrobat Reader] icon in the "Highlights" box. (The icon looks the same as the one in step 1.)

3. Select your Language, Platform and Connection speed from the lists.

4. Click the red [Download] button.

5. When asked to Open or Save the file, select the [Open] option button.

6. A small program is automatically downloaded and it begins the installation of Acrobat Reader for you. When all files have been downloaded, and the Setup program has started, do the following:

a. Read the agreement, and then click the [Next] button.
b. Click the [Next] button again.
c. Click the [OK] button to finish the installation.

7. Adobe Acrobat Reader is now installed on your computer!

You can now open and view PDF files on your computer. When you click a PDF document from a Web site, Adobe Acrobat Reader will automatically open and you will be able to view the document. A shortcut is also automatically created on your Desktop and in the START menu => Programs group.

Help on how to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader can be found on the Adobe Acrobat Reader Web site.


  • Abebooks is not responsible for any third party licensing agreements.