Monthly Subscription Rates

For a reasonable monthly subscription fee, which is calculated according to the amount of books you list, your books will be listed worldwide. Note: Once your application has been processed, monthly subscription fees are immediately applicable. The minimum monthly fee of US$25.00 applies even if you do not have any books online. Review Subscription Rates.

8% Sales Commission

Upon a successful sale via the AbeBooks shopping basket, a sales commission of 8% is charged on the total item amount, consisting of the book price + shipping charges + extra charges. The maximum sales commission is US$40.00 per book, and the minimum commission is US$0.50 per book.

Payment Service Fee

Every book on our websites can be purchased using Visa/MasterCard with payment accepted by AbeBooks. A payment service fee of 5.5% of the total item amount is charged for the first $500 ($1-500) and 3.5% on the subsequent value ($501 and beyond). Minimum fees are as follows:

Purchase made from US$0.50 per Order
Purchase made from,, or US$0.90 per Order
Purchase made from US$0.90 per Order

The payment service fee does not apply to orders where the bookseller is accepting payment, such as by check, PayPal or money order.

Note: You need to have a credit card on file to register.
We will automatically debit your credit card and send you a summary of charges each month.

To register directly online, visit our Registration pages.

If you are interested in becoming a bookseller with AbeBooks and have further questions, please contact us.

If you have an existing buyer or bookseller account and have an enquiry related to your account, click here to send us a question.