To help you along, we have prepared a quick checklist of everything you need to provide to us before you start selling on AbeBooks.

  • Step 1 - All about your bookstore on AbeBooks
  • Step 2 - Your books - here, there and everywhere
  • Step 3 - Start the ball rolling!
  • Step 4 - Tap into our extensive bookseller resources

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Step 1

All about your bookstore on AbeBooks

Your bookstore information is a window into your shop - make sure that buyers see accurate and up-to-date information on your services by reviewing your store details below.

  • Terms of Sale:

    Booksellers may use the Terms of Sale field to state their business policies such as payment options, Return policies, and other important information potential buyers should know. The terms of sale are viewable on the book details screen and the seller info page. Return/refund policies cannot conflict with the terms outlined in the AbeBooks Bookseller Agreement and the Returns policy.

    To see examples, please search for a book on AbeBooks and click on the bookseller name on the search result.

    Update my Terms of Sale

  • Payment Methods Offered to Buyers:

    The methods of payments that you accept are displayed to the buyer during the purchase process. All orders are available for purchase by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. You can also choose to offer additional payment methods, such as check or money order.

    A payment service fee is charged on all credit card transactions processed by AbeBooks. You receive the following benefits with AbeBooks′ Payment Service:

  • No hassle processing
  • We assume the risk of charge-backs and fraudulent transactions
  • Weekly payments made to you
  • Low payment service fee of only 5.5% of the total order value

  • Shipping Rates:

    We provide a unique service in the industry to meet the needs of the international bookselling industry - the Adjustable Shipping Matrix. We offer default rates, top country destinations and shipping speeds. You can alter all the shipping information as needed - simply enter the change into the appropriate field click [Save].

    Buyers will use this information during the purchase process to select their desired shipping speed and rate.

    Update my Adjustable Shipping Matrix

  • Paying Your Fees:

    Sign up for our hassle-free payment program. Your monthly fees can be automatically charged to your credit card every month, and a summary of the monthly charges will be e-mailed to you.

    Note: Your first month subscription fee is applicable as soon as you become a bookseller on AbeBooks.

    Update my Credit Card Information

Step 2

Your Books - Here, There and Everywhere!

We offer opportunities for you to sell your books through multiple sales channels. Our Web sites bring your books to international markets, allowing you to tap into large buying markets in around the world.

All your books are automatically listed on our international Web sites -,,, and

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Step 3

Start the Ball Rolling!

In order to successfully sell your books on AbeBooks, we suggest that you complete a few things:

  • Enter your books into an electronic format

    If you have not already entered your books into an electronic format, this is the time to do so. We recommend that you use AbeBooks HomeBase as your inventory management software.

    Download AbeBooks HomeBase

    If you choose to use another format, please see Bookseller Help and review the information on managing your books with other inventory software (accessible from the Managing your Books link under the 'Contents' tab).

    Review Help

  • Send us your file

    Once your file is prepared, you can send it to us via FTP (file transfer protocol) or by e-mail. FTP is our preferred method.

    Uploading your books to AbeBooks.

  • Process your order

    AbeBooks tries to make fulfilling an order as simple as possible.

    You will receive an e-mail notice of your order. Simply follow the instructions in the e-mail and on the Web site. If you require assistance, further details are provided in our Bookseller Help.

    Processing your orders

Step 4

Tap into our extensive Bookseller Community Resources

Bookseller Central
Review the latest announcements, help tips and hints, and statistics in our exclusive Bookseller Central area.

Bookseller Forum
Talk with your fellow booksellers; review and seek the advice of the community mentors; interact with AbeBooks management and staff.

Visit the Bookseller Forum

Become a Booksleuth. Assist buyers in finding their long lost books or just chat with them in our Booksleuth and Community Forums.

Selling tips
Maximize your sales by implementing some tips compiled for our bookseller community - including tips about condition codes, pictures, ISBNs, fulfillment rates and more!

Review our Selling Tips

Help Pages
We have summarized everything you need to know in our help documentation. If, at any time, you need assistance quickly, our help pages are the best place to look.

Review Help

If you are unable to find the information in our help documentation, please do not hesitate in contacting us with a question.

AbeBooks Customer Support

Be Heard
Join our Bookseller Advisory Group and tell us what you think. Learn More

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